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Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Using An Urn Planter Pedestal in Your Decor

There are many ways to incorporate annuals and perennials in the home landscape. These flowers can be planted directly in the ground in garden beds. Another option for an easy, quick update to porches and decks is using an urn planter pedestal. Raised planters are an ideal solution for homeowners looking to beautify their property. Urns placed on pedestals on either side of the front entryway makes a lovely welcome. Multiple pedestals can be strategically placed on a patio to create an attractive barrier between neighboring yards. Additionally, a few planters on pedestals can be used to divide the patio seating area into garden rooms.

Choosing the plants to include in the planter is quite simple. Once the location for the pedestal has been determined, decide whether this area will be in full sun, part sun/part shade or full shade. A trip to the local plant nursery will offer the greatest selection of appropriate flowering plants to fill the planter based on the amount of sun it will receive during the day. Potting soil should be used in the planter. Topsoil is not a good choice because it does not have the proper nutrients for the flowering plants that will be placed in the urn.

A rule of thumb for selecting the flowers is to choose one plant that has height such as an ornamental grass or fern; this will be placed in the center of the urn. Then choose pretty flowering plants that will bloom throughout the growing season to place around the tall center plant. Finally, choose trailing plants that will spill outside the urn. Good options include sweet potato vine, sedum or ivy.
An urn can be planted differently depending on the look the gardener is trying to create. An evergreen boxwood shrub, surrounded by cascading ivy, is a classic look. Billowy Queen Anne’s Lace will create a cottage garden feel. For a formal design, clipped topiaries placed on an urn garden pedestal, is a perfect choice.


At February 10, 2023 at 9:24 PM , Blogger Alicia said...

Oh, this was another enchanting read through in your rich treasure world. Yeah, it really seems Urn planter pedestal can be an awesome welcome to the entryway. The pant looks so so beautiful and inviting. Love your decor thoughts and ideas. Here I can also add the way of creating sustainable landscapes for the guys who love to have their home with stunning landscape view. Maybe some guys find this useful.


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