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Monday, June 1, 2015

How To Install Metal Gates And Fences

A metal fence gives your yard or garden a nice, tailored look that allows you to see past the fencing for a better view of the landscape. Metal gates and fencing require regular maintenance to ensure it stays safe from the elements. Calculate the number of fence panels you need to get started. Call a utility company to come out and mark your gas, water, and other utility lines before you dig.

Metal Fence Tips

Measure the area where you want to fence with a string and stakes. Ensure the area is straight and level before you dig your fence posts. You will need fence panels, posts, brackets, concrete, and gates. Posts that are secured with concrete are not difficult to dig using a post digger that you can rent or buy. Mark the post locations with spray paint to ensure the correct location. Posts that are topped off with caps or finials make a beautiful addition to your yard. Mark the screw holes for brackets below the top of the posts.

A drill and masonry bit is required to install brackets. The fence panels are pushed into their correct position using a helper. Dig the post holes at least two feet deep and eight inches wide. You can rent an auger that is powered by gasoline to speed things up. Pour concrete into your post holes according to the manufacturer’s directions. Let the concrete dry for at least 24 hours before proceeding to the next step.

Install fence panels using brackets, nuts and bolts that you purchase with your metal fence. Use more concrete when setting the posts for the gate. This will ensure the gate and surrounding posts are strong enough to handle extra wear. The hardest part of installing your own metal fence is the post hole digging.

Rent an auger from your local hardware store to simplify this step. A metal fence adds beauty and warmth to your landscape while keeping pets and children inside your fence. It is not difficult to install your own fence, and you will save hundreds of dollars by not hiring an expensive contractor.


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