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Saturday, May 9, 2015

Elegant Lighting for Outdoor Living

The residential design world of today has seen a growing trend in people turning their yards and acreage into outdoor living space. From outdoor kitchens, complete with stove and refrigerator, to outdoor lounges with plush furnishings and stylish decor. No matter what type of space is being created, the one element needed for any outdoor space is great lighting.

Some outdoor areas can rely on the natural light from the sun, moon and stars. However, in most residential climates, the weather is not perfect all of the time but people still want to get optimal use out of the space. Lighting becomes essential during inclement weather.

There are many options when determining the right outdoor lighting including price, type of light, type of space and desired energy-efficiency. One elegant option is the outdoor candelabra chandelier which comes in a vast array of styles and designs. They are most often made of wrought iron but are sometimes made out of antlers or wood or synthetic materials that withstand the harsher weather.

Chandelier candelabras the advantage of being flexible in the brightness and saturation of light they provide. These lighting accessories can be made to use standard light bulbs or even energy-efficient LED bulbs. They can use faux-candle lights, with either regular or LED bulbs. The number of candles can also vary depending on the size, shape and number of tiers to the piece.

Some people prefer to make their own outdoor candelabra chandeliers. Some have been made from a combination of scrap metal and mason jars while others have used electrical wire and wine bottles. Making outdoor lighting can be a laborious endeavor but for the do-it-yourself lover or handicrafts aficionado it could become their "raison d'etre".

There are many other options for outdoor lighting including ground lighting, free-standing or post lighting and even other varieties of hanging lights. In order to choose the best lighting for any outdoor space, consideration must be given budgets for money and time both, the design and layout of the space, the desired lighting effect and atmosphere as well as the use of the space.


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