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Friday, April 10, 2015

Tips to Using Wrought Iron Decorative Fence

Decorative elements can make a large difference when it comes to the appearance of a yard, lawn or garden. A wrought iron fence makes an attractive decorative piece in any setting that will last for a long time. It will help to keep several tips in mind when using a wrought iron decorative fence.

Ensure the Fence Is Stable

The first tip is to ensure the fence is stable on the property. Pack down the soil before staking the fence in the ground. Alternately, place the fence in an area where thick grass or plants are growing so that the root systems provide added support. It is even possible to use a piece of rebar or a plant stake to add some stability so the wind does not knock the fence down.

Use the Fence around Other Items with Height

A decorative iron fence looks the best when it is used around other items with height in a yard or garden. Choose an area for the fence where there are tall plants, other structures or walls. These other items do not need to be as tall as the fence although they should be around one-third to one-half the height. This will help to create a more consistent and attractive landscape on the property.

Consider Training Plants around the Fence

A wrought iron decorative fence makes an excellent trellis for plants. Consider training plants around the fence. This just involves weaving growing vines or thin stems around the decorative elements of the fence. Plant ties can be used to secure the vines until they are trained. This will help to incorporate the fence better into the surrounding landscape. Using the fence as a trellis is especially useful when it is covered with blooming or fruiting plants.

Clean and Care For the Fence Regularly

A final tip is to clean and care for the decorative fence regularly. Wrought iron does need a little care. Keep debris from settling on the fence. Use some water and dish soap to wipe down the surface. If rust appears, then remove it with steel wool and cover the area with some wax. A little care each season will keep the wrought iron fence in good condition for decades to come.


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