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Friday, March 13, 2015

All About Vintage Milk Containers

Vintage milk containers have a large group of collectors who value them for their rich history. Home milk deliveries started back in the late 1800s. The milk bottles made before the 1930s were shaped round. The 1940s brought square milk bottles that became even more popular. The 1950s brought the waxed paper cartons for half of the milk delivered to the nation. Home deliveries were stopped during the 1960s since most trucks now carried milk to the local grocery store. Many collectors collect milk bottles because it reminds them of a happy childhood.

Collecting is a popular hobby found in America. Almost everyone collects something whether it is stamps, coins, art or milk bottles. Online auctions make items easier to find to collect. However, online auctions makes some items that were previously collectible not as valuable since the market becomes saturated. Milk bottles are harder to find and are still a popular online item.

Back in the days of home milk deliveries, families often had only one car. The mother was traditionally the one who stayed home with the kids. This made going to the store for milk a difficult process. Home milk deliveries ensured that kids could get their daily dose of vitamin D and calcium. The milk man would drop the bottles off at the front door for the homeowner to carry inside.

A great place to find antique milk bottles are online websites that specialize in these items. The prices are fixed instead of determined at auction. This is where you are likely to find rare and unusual milk bottles. The most popular milk glasses are the ones that have the manufacturer’s name on them. You might be able to find one at a local antique mall, but antique road shows are a more likely place to find the kind of milk bottle you collect.

The milk collecting market is likely to grow throughout the next century as these bottles become even more rare.


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