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Thursday, February 26, 2015

How Tall Wrought Iron Fences Can Improve Any Property

Wrought iron is a fixture in many landscape designs. It can be used for furniture or unique decorative items. It is also popular when used to create durable and elegant fences. The fences have a classic appearance that will enhance any design style. Tall wrought iron fences can improve a property in a number of ways.

Keep Trespassers Out

One of the main ways that a tall fence made from wrought iron can improve a property is by keeping out trespassers. The fence creates a barrier that is difficult for people to cross without being clearly seen. It is different from a wooden fence because it does not block the view of the surrounding landscape. The property will be protected when surrounded by a wrought iron fence.

Arrange Fences in Any Shape

There are often areas within properties that need a fence but have irregular borders. Many types of traditional fencing cannot be easily installed in a way that follows those irregular lines around a property. Tall wrought iron fences can be arranged to follow any shape. The fences come in individual panels that can be linked together to create gentle curves or sharp angles to create a border around any property.

Contain Pets and Keep Wildlife Out

It can be a challenge to keep pets on a property without using a tether or leash. A wrought iron fence will keep pets inside of a defined area on the property while also allowing for free movement in the space. An added benefit is that wildlife like deer will not be able to go through or over the tall fence. This can help to protect pets and the gardens or other plantings inside the boundaries of the fence.

Provide a Trellis for Climbing Plants

Wrought iron fences can be incorporated into the landscape of a home in many ways. One technique is to use the fences as trellises for climbing plants and vines. The plants can be trained to wrap around the individual bars on the fence. The result will be a fence that has a natural appearance while still providing a border around the property. This is an especially effective technique when flowering or fruiting vines cover the fence.


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