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Saturday, June 29, 2013

Enhance Your Patio's Decor

When the weather warms, the urge to add some beautiful flowers, aromatic herbs and lush green plants to a patio decor is practically irresistible. Whether used in combination with a collection of containers, or used alone on the patio, a baker's rack plant stand can provide a considerable amount of space for patio plants. The stand itself can become an eye-catching addition to a patio design.

There is a timelessness about wrought iron that makes it a desirable addition to various outdoor decors. The beauty of the scroll work in a wrought iron plant stand in a baker's rack style immediately enhances a country, rustic or casual outdoor decor. Wrought iron can also creatively be included in a transitional decor simply because of its ageless beauty.

One way to make a bakers rack plant stand complement a specific decor is by the type of containers used for the plants that will be placed on the stand. Terra cotta pots, wire basket and wooden containers are ideal for a country or rustic decor. Baskets and wooden containers should be used as exterior decorative containers with a more appropriate, ceramic, terra cotta, or resin container with drainage holes placed inside of them. Colorful containers or a collection of black and white geometrically designed containers can be placed on the rack for a more contemporary patio design.

A bakers rack plant stand can be used in the interior spaces of a home. It would be absolutely stunning placed in a foyer. If there is sufficient light, plants can be placed on it. If the foyer doesn't have sufficient light for plants to thrive, the stand can be used to display a collection of whatever complements the household decor.

A wrought iron plant stand can be used as a decorative or functional part of a kitchen or bathroom decor. In either room, it can be used as a plant stand if there is enough natural light in the room for the plants to grow. In the kitchen it can become an extra storage space for small appliances, cookware, dishes or kitchen towels. It can also serve as a display area for collectibles. In the bathroom, the rack can be used as a place for towels, bathroom essentials or plants.

Lush green plants enliven the atmosphere of a room. Certain plants are revered for their air purifying quality. Being able to incorporate beneficial plants and beautiful furniture into a decor is a double bonus. A sunroom, patio or deck is an ideal place for a wrought iron plant stand. Adding a bakers rack to a garden space will give the area an additional element of decorative design as well as provide a place for small pots of herbs, some outdoor dining items and a collection of outdoor art.

An added benefit to using a wrought iron plant stand outdoors in the summer is that it can be brought inside to enhance an interior decor during the winter and prolong the life of the plants.

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Decorative Urns & Planters

One sure way to elevate the level of elegance and sophistication of a patio, garden or landscape is to include garden planters and urns in the design. These magnificent garden accent pieces are available in various types of material including aluminum, cast iron, wrought iron, and fiberstone. There is an extensive variation in prices making it possible to find items for a variety of budgets. Finding a style that will complement a specific decor is a simple task due to the wide selection of design options.

When selecting planters and urns for a garden, it is important to consider the size of the containers in relation to the scale of the garden. In order to achieve the most impressive design, the urns and planters used to enhance the curb appeal of a home or as part of a landscape design should complement the exterior decor of a house. The same is true when choosing garden planters for a patio space. 

Adding planters to the garden can definitely make the area more attractive. Urn fountains and pedestal planters can be used as a focal point in a garden design. Wrought iron planters are a work of art that can be used on a tabletop, on the ground or placed on top of a pedestal. Planters on pedestals can be used at the beginning of a garden path. They are an impressive feature at the beginning of a walkway leading to the front door of a home.

Fiberstone planters are ideal for any garden, but they are especially nice in small gardens and for small budgets. These planters are available in designs that are as impressive as higher priced planters. Another positive feature of durable fiberstone planters, pedestals and urns is that they are lighter weight than concrete. This makes it much easier to move them around to vary the landscape or garden design.

Investing in garden planters and urns opens up opportunities for year-round decorating. In the cold months when green plants and flowers can't survive, there are other ways to decoratively use urns and planters. One option is to plant some evergreens in the planters. Artificial greenery and seasonal flowers can be added to the planters during the winter months. Spot lights and string lights can be incorporated into the landscape design to draw attention to these attractive planters and decorative urns.

Garden planters and urns have been used to enhance garden designs for many years. Their beauty is ageless. They provide limitless opportunities for creativity throughout the year. Choosing the proper style of planters essential. It is also best to opt for impressiveness in design and size rather than in number. Including too many planters can make it difficult to fully appreciate the value and attractiveness of each design.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Arbors - A Garden Focal Point

No matter how beautiful a garden decor or landscape design is, over a period of time, it may be due a change. Investing in decorative and functional outdoor accessories that offer beauty and versatility is a frugal way to spend money. An ideal example of a durable, attractive and versatile garden accessory is this wrought iron arbor with seat. 

This arbor with its dome shape and gently curved design details is visually soothing. Just its presence in the garden adds an element of serenity to the atmosphere. The styling of this arbor is perfect for a cottage garden. The seats provide an ideal location for moments of solitude in the garden or for garden conversations with a friend. It creates an opportunity to relax in the midst of gorgeous, aromatic flowers. Most cottage gardens include some type of seating, and this arbor with seat would be a stunning seating option.

Another typical place for adding an arbor is at the entrance to a garden or at the beginning of a pathway leading to a home's entryway. This arbor is an ideal choice for either of those locations. The seats can be placed to the outside of the arbor leaving more room for walking through. In a location such as the beginning of a pathway, the seats may be utilized as a place to put two impressive plants or flowers.

An arbor can be incorporated into almost any type of exterior design. In some instances, they can be used as a focal point in the landscape design. A spotlight can even be added so that the arbor can become an impressive design feature in the evening hours. At the other end of the design scale, an arbor can be positioned so that it becomes a subtle part of the design. An arbor with two seats placed in a private area of the garden would be a wonderful place for intimate conversation on a summer evening. An arbor tucked away in a secluded corner of the lawn or garden could become a private retreat for reading, meditating or simply relaxing.

Arbors can be enjoyed throughout the year. In spring and summer they are a lovely addition to a floral or foliage garden. They can be decorated for summer celebrations, birthday parties or evening events. When the holiday season arrives, the arbor can become a place to add exterior holiday decorations. Lights, ribbons, bows or garland can be added to the arbor. Silk poinsettias or potted evergreens can be placed on the seats.

Choosing an arbor with versatility in its design gives you the opportunity to continue using it year after year in different locations in your landscape. This arbor can be used to enhance the walkway to your door or the pathway into the garden. It can be incorporated into a country, rustic, cottage, vintage or eclectic garden decor. The possibilities are vast when it comes to finding ways to add this beautifully detailed arbor with seat to an outdoor decor.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

The Unique Charm of Wrought Iron

Wrought iron fencing and gates can be used in a variety of settings. This beautiful and durable type of fencing comes in a variety of styles and qualities and can be custom designed to fit into virtually any setting. It is frequently also used as railing for steps, stairs, balconies, and porches. Wrought iron fencing can be of a very simple design or it can be quite elaborate. The cost will usually be related to the complexity and degree of artistry of each piece as well as the quality of the iron used in constructing the piece.

Wrought iron is produced by artisans or artists by drawing, hammering, and welding mild iron. It resists rust well because of its natural oxide coating. Wrought iron can be made to order for a given project. If you have bought new wrought iron fencing it does not need painting. If you want to paint the fencing in order to change its color be sure to use a good quality rust resistant paint intended for use on iron. You may want to consult your fence supplier. Be sure to follow all directions for the brand of paint you have chosen. Instructions for painting wrought iron are also available online and would be worth consulting. Brushing is always better that spraying. Be sure to use a primer as well as a finish paint.

Most of the online directions for painting wrought iron assume that the fencing has already been painted. If the wrought iron has never been painted it should not be sanded on areas that are not rusted because the natural black oxide surface prevents rust.

If you have old fencing be aware that sometimes cast iron fencing looks like wrought iron since it is possible to copy wrought iron with cast iron. If you look for used wrought iron fencing and gates in salvage yards you may find cast iron reproductions. Cast iron rusts more easily than wrought iron and is brittle. Cast iron is very difficult to weld or do other work on. Wrought iron fences sometimes utilize decorative cast iron pieces such as finials or castings of children, birds, moons, or even cats. More modern pieces may be stamped instead of cast. These pieces may require different care when being painted.

Good quality wrought iron fencing and gates can be quite valuable and is occasionally stolen. If you have a rustic garden in an area where security can be an issue you may wish to make some security provisions for your fencing. Cemeteries have been known to loose valued fencing to thieves. If your wrought iron fence has particular value due to either artistic value or historic value you may need to consult your alarm company. If it is vulnerable primarily as scrap metal simply making it difficult to remove is probably sufficient. 

Fencing companies usually offer standard styles of wrought iron, and artisans or even artists who produce custom wrought iron can be found in most cities or even small towns. You may be able to find fine used pieces in salvage yards or even at online suppliers of rustic gardens.

Friday, June 14, 2013

Decorative Wrought Iron – The Perfect Garden Fence

Decorative fencing for gardens can consist of an assortment of different fence designs and types to pick from. If the style of fencing you’re considering is decorative, it will serve two functions: The first, a security measure to make it hard for intruders to get on your property or a way to keep pets and children in the confines of the yard, while second, it will add an element of décor to your living space. There are different fences that can add to the aesthetic appeal of your home, depending on your preferences and the style you are seeking to add.

There are ready-made fences, which can be found at many sources, both online and at traditional garden centers or home improvement stores. Some decorative fences for gardens can be put together by the purchaser and can be fully installed in a day or two. There are many different styles from which to choose, from those that are purely functional but still attractive, to the types that will serve to enhance the overall appearance and style of your garden. With so many different styles of fencing and gates available, including wrought iron, metal, ornamental wire, woven wire or wood, a little bit of planning and research can help make up your mind as to which way you want to take your project.  Cost can certainly be a determining factor when deciding which option will work best.  If you have the time and know-how, installing it yourself can help keep down the cost.  There are online sources that offer videos to help you with the installation process.

A popular type of decorative fencing for gardens is wrought iron. Wrought iron can be misunderstood because it refers to both a metal type and a process of formation. Traditionally, wrought iron is a variety of iron, with additives that make it twistable and give it a very low corrosion rate. There are tall and short wrought iron fences, interlocked gates, curved gates and other specialized fencing specifically designed for railings along steps and walkways.  One of the factors to consider with wrought iron is the long-lasting nature of it; it is a very durable material and with minimal upkeep, it will enhance the beauty of your garden for many years, unlike wooden fencing, where upkeep from the effects of weather and insects can be considerable. One of the wonderful things about this type of fencing is its ability to serve as a perfect boundary, while enhancing rather than hiding the beauty of your garden and home. 

If wrought iron fencing is the option you choose, look for a source that will work with you on the design for your project. If they are equipped to add just a few custom elements to your overall design, it can greatly enhance the finished results.  And even better if they also carry other wrought iron garden elements; adding a coordinating trellis, arbor, gazebo or the perfect gate can take your fence from nice to breath-taking. That is something that is just not possible with the cookie-cutter iron fencing one can find at a big-box home center.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

An Attractive Focal Point for the Garden

Victorian-style gardens have been throughout modern history a sought-after style of garden for their color, form and decoration. The garden urn fountain is a particularly attractive element of that style that can lend itself to almost any garden and say to the passerby, “Come hither!”


A Victorian garden has elements that almost any modern garden would want to borrow from: seating for guests in shaded areas to relax and enjoy the view, trees and shrubs to create the walls of the garden rooms, and a lush, cleanly cut lawn to carpet the floor of the garden area. Décor for the garden room is created by specially pruned plants, brightly colored flowers, inviting seating, attractively maintained flower beds or as demonstrated today, items like garden urn fountains.

Garden urns are large, ornate planters that were once placed in and around historical gardens, often not planted with anything at all, but simply placed as a statement amongst the plants or to mark a stairway or path. Added grandeur is given to these magnificent vases by including them in a stately fountain which immediately becomes the centerpiece of ones garden. This garden urn fountain is then surrounded by a happy yet orderly array of annuals such as pansies, petunias, geraniums or alyssum to brightly highlight its charm. Heads will turn!

It is the gardener's choice whether to purchase the fountain ready-made, or construct the masterpiece from a found urn. Combing architectural salvage yards or antique shops is sure to turn up a treasure, and this can be set in a composite pond and drilled for hose and pump. Either way, garden urn fountains can stand several feet to over six feet high with a pedestal and can lend an imposing view to the surrounding gardens or the view from your deck. It is possible to back the fountain with boxwood or other greenery to set it off, or to set the fountain in a courtyard fashion where all paths lead to one point.

Garden urn fountains beg the use of gently curving paths, groomed beds and a spotlight with good path lighting for evening drama. This is the feature that will set this garden apart from all the rest in the neighborhood. If home is in an urban neighborhood, consider a meandering path to the back of a narrow yard where the sound of the fountain calls guests to the seating area under shade trees with a lovely garden urn fountain as the focal point. In a more suburban or country scene, consider the garden urn fountain at the center of your larger pattern of several garden rooms where all paths lead to the center, and the garden urn fountain is a happy, sunny scene of water dancing over bright annuals surrounded by dwarf boxwood edging. The design possibilities are endless, but the result is sure to be delightful!

Monday, June 10, 2013

Enhance Your Landscape with Iron Décor

There's an abundance of ways to enhance the curb appeal of a home, make a garden space more intriguing and elevate the beauty of an outdoor living area using various types of outdoor iron decor. There is such diversity in the types of iron decor designed for outdoor use that it can be used to give creative spirits and decorative skills tremendous freedom. 

Garden structures are a wonderful addition to an outdoor space. Iron gates are an attractive addition at the entrance to a garden. Designs vary so that it is easy to find a gate that complements the exterior decor of a home or that accentuates a specific garden theme. An iron gazebo or arbor will definitely add visual interest to a landscape or garden design. These outdoor structures open up a multitude of ways to add color and architectural elements to a landscape.

It is not necessary to have a large outdoor space in order to include some unique or impressive types of iron outdoor decor in the landscape design. An iron planter filled with colorful flowers can transform a tiny space into a place of beauty. Iron wall planters and freestanding baskets provide a place for colorful flowers or lush foliage plants. These work well on a patio, deck or porch.

An amazing iron sculpture can be added to a garden or front lawn to serve as an eye-catching focal point. A wrought iron bottle tree would make a landscape more colorful. Outdoor iron decor includes items that are functional as well as attractive. Iron bird feeders are a nice addition to a landscape. Not only are they attractive in design, they bring in lots of colorful, energizing activity.

Iron garden stakes and signs add a touch of nostalgia and a bit of quaintness to a garden or landscape. Iron candle chandeliers are an extremely impressive object of decor in an outdoor entertainment area. Another item that can enhance your outdoor party space is an iron wine rack.

One of the most spectacular forms of iron outdoor decor is the many iron furniture sets and individual pieces that are available. Wrought iron tables and chairs or an iron bench designed for two can be an attractive and romantic addition to an outdoor space. Iron tables are available that have some intriguing, intricate detailing as part of their design.

It's now possible to get iron furniture for your outdoor space that is extremely colorful. There are still finishes available that resemble old world furniture style, but there are also brilliantly colorful additions that will enliven a patio, garden or lawn.

Small iron decor such as animal statues, deck planters and iron border post planters can make a big impact on the beauty of an outdoor landscape. Larger iron structures such as fences, trellises and arbors can quickly become an impressive part of your landscape.

With all of the choices available, iron garden and landscape products can be used to enhance, improve or create a magnificent outdoor living space.

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Rustic Tin Garden Signs Enhance Your Home & Garden

Tin signs made their appearance at the beginning of the 20th century, as more of the population learned to read and migrated to urban areas for jobs. First used as advertising for all kinds of products, the signs were generally square or rectangular and contained a lot of information. They were mostly hand painted, and soon replaced wood signs and printed posters. Now viewed as a beloved part of culture, tin signs have become an inexpensive way to create a desired look. Rustic tin garden signs that are durable and won't fade or tear are now available. Subject matter that is custom or retro makes them a popular choice in the 21st century for garden and home décor.

Today anyone can get tin signs in a large variety of colors and messages. For a party, place a perfectly sized “Welcome” sign on the lawn near the front door. If the party will occupy indoor as well as outdoor spaces, tin signs can decorate and highlight different areas. Use rustic tin garden signs that say “'Open” and “Closed” for the bar area; directional signs can point the way to places and spaces where guests can dance or just mingle. Focus attention on specific areas in the yard with tin signs. A pretty floral colored sign that says “Flowers”, “Garden” or “Herbs” will make a lovely and functional addition to a garden. Give Mom, Dad and the kids their own space in the yard by marking out individual plots with the tin garden signs.

Use sayings or slogans to create a theme. Just like in the garden, there are many choices for any room in the home. The rustic tin signs can also be used indoors as decorating elements and/or as art. They make a great conversation piece that will delight visitors to your home. Use them as a backdrop to highlight a piece of art. A cluster composed of tin signs of varied shapes, sizes and colors makes a stunning focal point. Make a statement with a personalized art piece, created by using the signs in just one or two colors. Let your design sense and imagination soar!

Tin does not rust as easily as steel and other metals; it is therefore very durable and perfect for outdoor or indoor use. There is an array of choices and themes that make it easy to make rustic tin garden signs a part of the yard or garden or any room in the house. The inexpensive price of tin signs will inspire anyone to begin a collection that can be changed with the season or to suit a mood or occasion.

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Retro Wrought Iron Patio Furniture: A Worthwhile Investment

Over the centuries, wrought iron has become the predominant material of choice in selecting outdoor patio furniture. Its durability makes it especially attractive to buyers and collectors alike. Moreover, it is especially weather resistant as opposed to furniture pieces made of wood. While weather does seem to somewhat affect its finish, a fresh coat of paint will quickly remedy the wear, though if the "shabby chic" look is one's cup of tea, a vintage patina or rusty finish will do nothing but enhance that look. Another reason for its growing popularity is found in the intricate designs which were delicately sculpted and welded into the furniture, making some pieces fall just short of being a masterpiece.

Their Maintenance and Restoration

As with an automobile, retro wrought iron patio furniture needs washing, drying, waxing and periodic glance-overs for any signs of deterioration. If restoration plans are in the works, then it’s best done during winter for enjoyment during the spring and summer. Also, restoration can entail much elbow grease, so it’s best to do it out of the blazing summer sun. 

Typically, without getting into a major restoration project, pieces need sandblasting, priming and a fresh coat of paint: black, hunter green, black olive or whatever is the color of choice. Some might choose to update the look with more modern colors, such as turquoise, pink, antique white, creamy yellow or moss green; depending on your style, any of these can look great.

Retro Wrought Iron Patio Furniture As An Investment


Over the years, there has developed an almost cult-like mindset concerning restoration of wrought iron patio furniture. Giving individual or set pieces a retro look has now become haute in many circles and why not?

Wrought iron patio furniture was originally a beautifully designed investment and a re-investment is in order. Today, rising prices and inferior workmanship in new pieces of mass-produced wrought iron furniture places these items out of most everyone’s budget. Furthermore, the process of welding the iron is not as detailed in the mass produced variety as it is with custom-made new or older furniture. Consequently, the iron material on the home center, imported types of modern wrought iron tends to be less heavy than that produced by modern-day artisans (yes, they do still exist) or more dated furniture, and prone to easily tip over. The color choices in mass-produced patio furniture are more limited than older pieces; however, if one chooses to paint when necessary, the furniture can easily last an extra 20-30 years.

The Retro Look And Feel

Over the years, these beautiful pieces of wrought iron patio furniture have been produced as tables with glass tops, chairs with or without armrests, benched love seats, outdoor racks and railings as well. Along with furniture, fashionable accessories like urns, plant stands and trellis structures have also added to the sense of elegance in a peaceful garden setting.

With either vintage pieces or those made by modern-day artisans (as opposed to the home center, mass-produced variety), the sturdier and heavier the metal tends to be. Likewise, intricate and exquisite designs such as flower petals, grapevines and roses are typically fashioned in hand-carved molds. They are true artistic designs forged to enhance graceful curves and delightfully ornate latticework. 

Whether you choose to refurbish an older set of wrought iron, or choose to purchase new artisan-made pieces, the artistry of wrought iron will lend a timeless elegance to your outdoor décor. 

However, perhaps the most outstanding quality of retro wrought iron patio furniture is that it gives a touch of distinguished class to even an average garden. Having a glass of ice tea during the spring, or a cup of hot coffee in winter is enhanced when enjoyed around a set of fine wrought iron furniture. No wonder so many have been passed down from one generation to another, sometimes for several centuries.