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Friday, June 14, 2013

Decorative Wrought Iron – The Perfect Garden Fence

Decorative fencing for gardens can consist of an assortment of different fence designs and types to pick from. If the style of fencing you’re considering is decorative, it will serve two functions: The first, a security measure to make it hard for intruders to get on your property or a way to keep pets and children in the confines of the yard, while second, it will add an element of décor to your living space. There are different fences that can add to the aesthetic appeal of your home, depending on your preferences and the style you are seeking to add.

There are ready-made fences, which can be found at many sources, both online and at traditional garden centers or home improvement stores. Some decorative fences for gardens can be put together by the purchaser and can be fully installed in a day or two. There are many different styles from which to choose, from those that are purely functional but still attractive, to the types that will serve to enhance the overall appearance and style of your garden. With so many different styles of fencing and gates available, including wrought iron, metal, ornamental wire, woven wire or wood, a little bit of planning and research can help make up your mind as to which way you want to take your project.  Cost can certainly be a determining factor when deciding which option will work best.  If you have the time and know-how, installing it yourself can help keep down the cost.  There are online sources that offer videos to help you with the installation process.

A popular type of decorative fencing for gardens is wrought iron. Wrought iron can be misunderstood because it refers to both a metal type and a process of formation. Traditionally, wrought iron is a variety of iron, with additives that make it twistable and give it a very low corrosion rate. There are tall and short wrought iron fences, interlocked gates, curved gates and other specialized fencing specifically designed for railings along steps and walkways.  One of the factors to consider with wrought iron is the long-lasting nature of it; it is a very durable material and with minimal upkeep, it will enhance the beauty of your garden for many years, unlike wooden fencing, where upkeep from the effects of weather and insects can be considerable. One of the wonderful things about this type of fencing is its ability to serve as a perfect boundary, while enhancing rather than hiding the beauty of your garden and home. 

If wrought iron fencing is the option you choose, look for a source that will work with you on the design for your project. If they are equipped to add just a few custom elements to your overall design, it can greatly enhance the finished results.  And even better if they also carry other wrought iron garden elements; adding a coordinating trellis, arbor, gazebo or the perfect gate can take your fence from nice to breath-taking. That is something that is just not possible with the cookie-cutter iron fencing one can find at a big-box home center.


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