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Friday, May 17, 2013

A Rustic Trellis Will Enhance Your Garden

For homeowners wanting to create a truly memorable look, one of the best ways to accomplish this is to use a rustic garden trellis. Using a decorative trellis is a great way to add texture and beauty to any garden project. The unique yet classically rugged look of a wrought iron trellis will offer an earthy, timeless design that gives life and interest to any home garden, park or even an outside office area. While many homeowners overlook the trellis, it is actually a great way to increase the appeal of any garden area while also being inexpensive, lightweight and movable.  Any long time gardener will appreciate the lasting quality of wrought iron trellises as opposed to wooden ones that often rot from the ground up and leave your carefully trained climbing rose or clematis with no support – very frustrating!

Another great use for a wrought iron trellis in the garden is for the recent trend of adding vegetables to the traditional floral and decorative type of garden.  Pole Beans are very fast growing and can cover a trellis in no time; the flowers, leaves and bean pods are really quite lovely, and unlike bush beans, there’s no bending over to pick them!  There are some very att
ractive types of pole beans; some of them have yellow instead of green beans and others grow nearly a foot long.

One particularly interesting thing about using a rustic trellis is the ability to completely customize it for your desires. Since most rustic trellises are made of wrought iron or metal, they are easily customized by any machine shop, or can even be purchased customized specifically for you. Many people even paint theirs fun colors to offer a durable yet playful splash of color to their yard. Bright colors are perfect for springtime gardens. Simple white, distressed aged colors, or even plain iron give the appearance of a laid back, rustic country feel that many people find irresistible. Of course, for more brave individuals, perhaps bright red or bold modern colors would give your area an artistic and modern feel. No matter what you like, your trellis can be customized to give your garden a brighter feel while also maintaining an underlying rustic feel that keeps your garden inviting and special.

One of the most popular, meaningful and traditional uses for a rustic trellis is for an outdoor wedding. Few things complete the setting for an outdoor wedding like a wrought-iron trellis. Many brides use more than one type of trellis to line their walkway and then a larger more classical one to frame her and the groom while they pledge their vows. Trellises are a simple way to give an outdoor wedding a classical feel while also giving the perfect backdrop for memorable wedding photos, particularly black and white ones. 

For those of us who live out in the country, trellises covered with vining foliage can be a great way to hide those necessary but unattractive propane tanks if they happen to be placed in plain sight.  In fact, trellises are a great way to hide composting bins, trash cans or any less-than-appealing but necessary garden areas.

No matter what you use a trellis for; there is no doubt that is can add beauty class and purpose to your garden in an inexpensive way. They can be purchased at any home improvement or specialty gardening store, online, or more handy homeowners can make their own. If you are looking for a fun classical way to improve your garden, provide a backdrop for pictures or even add that magical touch to an outdoor wedding; a wrought iron trellis is perfect for any use and occasion


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