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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

The Simple Joys of a Rustic Garden

There is something romantic about a summer garden party. Glorious weather, dappled shadows, lemonade, good company and great food conspire to make a weekend afternoon garden party a splendorous affair. Any gathering in the garden becomes that much more charming when ensconced within an assortment of artfully arranged rustic garden structures. Garden features separate the magnificent from the commonplace. The familiar and unpolished decorative garden elements can elevate a simple garden and make it much more than a medley of flowers and vegetation. They can transform it into an environment of profound tranquilit
y and succor. A carefully selected assemblage of rustic garden structures generates a mood altering effect and turns an ordinary garden into a peaceful enclave where folks discover that the stresses of everyday life slip away without notice.

Rustic garden fencing and artistic garden arrangements represent a departure from the traditional use of outdoor space. Together, these decorative elements coalesce to form the essential components of a true rustic garden whose purpose is to inspire and influence the moods of observers. A well-designed outdoor garden can cause the frequenter to lose all sense of time while they suspend critical thinking in order to reflect on the meaning of what they observe about them. A typical garden's fences constitute the limits and bounds of the environs, but a section of rustic garden fencing does much more than just establish borders. Artistic fencing solutions have the power to assert themselves and become an important part of the overall aesthetic inspiration that captivates guests and draws them in.

Artistic garden structures influence the beholder in interesting ways. They cause one to consider not just what grows in a garden, but the manner in which the whole of it has been contemplated. This in turn inspires everyone that gazes upon it to think more creatively for a while. A modern rustic garden incorporates and makes use of many different elements and materials. Found mostly in nature, these materials include stacks of reclaimed wood and sticks, stones, wooden rails, repurposed ceramics, wrought iron pieces, corrugated metal sheets and antique farm tools and crockery. Common to so many rustic outdoor gardens is a design that privileges form over function and whimsy over exactitude.

Sometimes fencing is deployed with the intent to keep out deer or secure a pool. Sometimes gardeners use it to set off one part of a plot to achieve a certain look, and sometimes it is used to protect delicate plant life from inadvertent human footfall. Metal or wire fencing can be worked by hand to construct a dog run. Being practical does not mean a fence cannot also be stunning in its physical actualization. This is where the creativity comes in. There is no good reason why a barrier intended to restrain animals cannot also be used to support vines that happen to bear fruit or succulent flowers.

A fondness for rustic fences, arbors, and outdoor furniture is a universal human characteristic. The act of seeking out these homespun items and incorporating them into their backyard garden designs provides a person with a certain degree of solace. It helps them reconnect with a far less complicated past history, and it gives them a much-needed respite from an altogether manufactured and sometimes artificial world. 


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