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Monday, April 22, 2013

Wrought Iron Wedding Arches - A Bold and Beautiful Statement

By using the imagination and the right choice of a decorative wedding arch, even the simplest beach wedding can be transformed into a memorable outdoor event. Many types of arches are available, but for the most part these arches are rather flimsy, and impermanent, merely decorative. The lighter types of arches would probably be of no further use after the wedding, while a wrought iron wedding arch would live on to be a treasured garden accent for many, many years to come.  These iron accessories are sturdy, solid and versatile enough to be used either outdoors or inside. For a garden wedding, few would disagree that a wedding arch is an indispensable.


A wedding ceremony can be even more memorable with the right backdrop, scenic setting and accessories. For instance a wrought iron wedding arch can be used as a focal point that unconsciously captures the eye and imagination of each guest. The decorative, distinctive lines of these arches add beauty and character to every photo and bring unique charm to that Big Day.

The arch is going to be center stage, where the main activities of the day will be featured. As a showcase accessory, the bride and groom will want to be sure that the type of arch they choose be well matched to the degree of formality that the ceremony merits.

There are many different looks that can be established with a wrought iron wedding arch. The consumer may want to create a rustic, country setting for an outdoor ceremony. An arbor that has an open skylight view or a simple round top design would both be ideal choices. If the wedding is going to be very formal then there are still a number of wrought iron arch styles that will be perfectly suited for the task at hand.

Flourishes, flowers and other decorative features can be integrated into almost any of the wrought iron arches that are available. The choice of style will be a reflection of personality, as well as fashion sensibilities, and can help set the mood and beautify the setting.

Today it is easier to create iron arches that are even more unique than in the past. While pure white arches are still a great favorite among brides it is now possible to customize the arch with a special color or patina.

The arch can be left unadorned for a strikingly modern appearance. The uncluttered and streamlined effect of a simple wrought iron arch generally requires little embellishment. Florists may seek to soften the edges of the arch with selective placement of potted palms, woven ribbons or even by using balloons.

Some brides will choose to add palm fronds, roses, ivy or other decorative touches. These choices are usually going to be made by the bride or wedding planner. In some instances, delicately scented roses, carnations or other lovely flowers and vines may cover the entire sides and top of the iron arch.  Furthermore, a wrought iron arch, if not used in a permanent location for the ceremony, can be added to the purchaser’s landscape, since its beauty and usefulness would enhance anyone’s garden and serve as a permanent reminder of its initial use, to celebrate a memorable wedding.


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