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Sunday, March 31, 2013

Enhance Your Decor With Country Primitive Antiques

What would someone do with a bunch of old farm equipment and antique toys? The options are endless. Country primitive antiques can add the perfect touch of true Americana to any home or office decor. By bringing in a piece of a simpler time to a modern space, people can find a sense of comfort and ease that cannot be found in modern day decor.

For decades, the Jetson-inspired, modern and sleek, designs have prevailed in the decorating industry. People were excited about the future and wanted to show that they were ahead of the times. Everything was about technology, moving faster, and bright shiny metal. Now, with people looking back to simpler times for some comfort, country primitive accents are gaining popularity when it comes to outfitting a space.

Just imagine a doctor's office in a non-urban area. Would patients find comfort in seeing bright red mixed with cold metal furniture, or would they rather see an old vintage wooden box that looks like it belongs on the farm? How about an old pole lamp? Bringing peace of mind to a patient while they wait for an appointment can do wonders for the patient's morale and can even help a business be the one that is chosen over another.

The same concept applies to a home. Decorating a space with country antiques can ease a family when relaxing during the holidays or on a Sunday afternoon. Instead of fancy electronics and cold modern furniture, mixing in some shabby-chic vintage housewares and toys can bring the ambiance of a simpler time. An old farm table, rustic tools, or even quirky old signs can bring that old world, country charm into a space. Clearing the mind and making the home a more comfortable and rustic place to be can do wonders for a person's happiness and overall quality of life.

Whether you are designing a new room, office, or overhauling an entire home, looking to country primitive antiques to help decorate your space is an idea to consider. Bringing the old world into the new world can give us all a sense of connection to the past that is comforting and soothing. With society spinning into faster times more than ever, it's important to remind ourselves of a simpler way of life. Decorating our spaces with well-worn, charming reminders of days gone by can be just the ticket to finding that inner peace and providing that place of quiet for our loved ones.


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