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Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Fiberstone Makes Designing Beautiful

Planters are a popular choice for residential and commercial settings. They are the perfect centerpiece for gardens and patios. Landscape designers use Fiberstone art pieces to enhance the area and give it character.

Material of Choice

Fiberstone is a unique material that offers many advantages over cement. It is made from a mixture of fiberglass, sand, and stone. The reinforced fiberglass backing gives the planters strength while retaining their lightweight properties.


Many planters are heavy and difficult to move from one spot to another. The Fiberstone planters, fountains, and statuary are designed for mobility. It also makes hanging the wall art easier because of the lightweight material they are made out of.

Outdoor Fun

Fiberstone art is safe to use indoors or out. They are made to withstand inclement weather and will stay looking good for many years. Cold winter days feel much warmer when a statue or birdbath is a reminder of warmer days to come.

Indoor Décor

Architectural Fiberstone gives any interior room a touch of class. They pair well with other pieces in the collection. Placing one in an entryway or over a fireplace adds that special touch. Many people enjoy matching them outside Fiberstone planters with inside pieces for a cohesive look. They can be stained to match any décor.

Stain Preference

There are ten different color stains to choose from. The staining process is what gives them an aged antiqued stone appearance. This also ensures that the buyer is receiving a one of a kind work of art. These designs are based around historically pieces.

Design Concept

Most designers use several different Fiberstone pieces to complete an area. They all go well together and set a tone that can be carried from the exterior through to the interior. Statues are very popular and come in a wide array of choices ranging from angels to animals.

Detailed Designs

The details on each decorative piece follow a historical path from a bygone era without the weight. These modern day works are very affordable, which allows people to buy more than one piece of their home or business.

Saturday, April 22, 2017

Grandmas Loop Top Yard Fence Is Almost Here

We are so excited to be getting our woven wire fencing back in stock. Soon we will be shipping this fencing coast to coast and have lots of clients waiting for it in Canada. The ornamental loop fencing was popular during the middle 1900's. This is value fencing that can surround your entire home keeping your children and pets enclosed in a safe area.

The factory in Colorado closed in 2015 and we have been working to get the historic fencing available again here in the US. We are making it heavier that ever with a strong galvanized surface.

I remember my grandmother having this fencing around her chicken yard. I had to enter to gather the eggs and would be scared to death at the turkeys that would chase me. Really I can not remember them pecking me but they were there chasing me knowing that they had the power. Or... maybe I was just too fast for them?

Friday, April 21, 2017

28" Wrought Iron Small Susanna Wall Basket

28" Wrought Iron Small Susanna Wall BasketThe avid home decorator knows the challenges in outdoor plants, especially when it comes to patios and pools. These entertaining outdoor areas can be beautiful focal points of a home, and lovely flowers, succulents or other greenery do their best to brighten the space. However, one might worry about plants being damaged or wet in high traffic areas such as a patio, or on the edges of the pool.

A fantastic solution is hanging plants. The 28" Wrought Iron Small Susanna Wall Basket is a beautiful and sturdy addition to any outdoor space and is sure to bring style and beauty to your garden. This hundred percent wrought iron basket is designed in a lovely shape that will fit many standard pots found at a local nursery. One would be able to plant flowers or cacti and even kitchen herbs and affix them to your walls. A creative way to display plants in your 28" Wrought Iron Small Susanna Wall Basket would also be to install hooks from your patio rooftop and hang them directly from the top for guests to enjoy.

Floral arrangements in the 28" Wrought Iron Small Susanna Wall Basket would look fantastic, especially around a pool deck. The unique design allows gardeners the ease and convenience of arranging many types of flowers and other plants, or herbs if they so please, and then be able to display them at a fetching height. Vertical height gives these plants the advantage of being above any potential damage, whether from running children, clumsy guests, or being splashed from the pool.

The 28" Wrought Iron Small Susanna Wall Basket is easily adjustable and installed after affixing either screws, nails, or hooks to the medium of choice. Perfect for decks, patios, poolside walls, and more, gardeners and homeowners will find many creative uses for the 28" Wrought Iron Small Susanna Wall Basket.

Beautiful Wrought Iron House Shutters

Wrought Iron House ShuttersAn important part of making a house a home is putting your personal touches on it. This includes not only decorating on the inside but also adding some decorative touches to the outside. While many people put lots of thought into choosing the perfect interior decor, it’s not unusual for homeowners to paint their homes and not put lots of effort into the exterior; however, it’s often the little touches that can give your home that extra touch of style.

An excellent way to add something special to the outside of your home is to install beautiful wrought iron house shutters. These shutters look great on many different home styles, and because they are made from wrought iron, they’ll require very little maintenance over the years.

Of course, adding wrought iron shutters will certainly help give your home a more finished look. You could leave your windows with nothing but the basic trim on them, but then, they’ll likely look a bit plain and boring. It’s amazing what something as simple as a pair of beautiful shutters can do for your home.

When you’re looking for great looking wrought iron house shutters, you’ll find several different designs from which to choose. These shutters all offer the dependability of wrought iron, but with a unique design to satisfy your personal sense of style.

Don’t be tempted to put up cheap vinyl shutters; wrought iron offers a classic look that will stand up to the weather, year after year. As an bonus, they’re also easy to install, and very affordable. Make sure to check your measurements and order shutters designed to fit the height of your window. You can also find coordinated shutters for your door to help provide a unified look for your home.

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Gorgeous Aluminum Flower Urns - Fountains

Water features can make any outdoor property "pop" and stand out in a memorable way. People who are shopping for high-quality aluminum flower urns - fountains can enjoy an abundance of great choices. Many fantastic fountains can contribute to outdoor spaces that are elegant, serene and inviting. There are just as many aluminum flower garden urns that can accomplish the same thing.

People should always shop for water features that are sturdy and dependable. Water features remain outside for extended stretches of time. They're exposed to the sun and the elements on a nearly constant basis. Shoppers should prioritize water features that are made using high-quality materials. Cast aluminum is an example of a top material choice. People who want to invest in first-class water features can often benefit from flower urns that are made entirely out of casting aluminum. Cast aluminum has longevity. It can stay in great condition for decades. It can usually tolerate a lot more wear than clay, vinyl and terracotta products as well.

Aluminum makes a strong material choice for a good number of reasons. It doesn't lead to unsightly rusting, first and foremost. It's a lightweight material that isn't a drag to carry around. It stays strong and beautiful for a long time. It's extremely affordable, too. People who want to steer clear of costly water features can always depend on aluminum.

There are so many great options in aluminum flower planters available. These urns come in all sizes. People who have larger outdoor spaces rely on big planters. Those who have smaller outdoor spaces, at the other end of the spectrum, typically depend on medium and small-size offerings.

Water features are made in many great colors as well. Shoppers can often choose between a vast range of exciting colors including nutmeg brown, classic black, moss green, granite gray, strawflower yellow, warm caramel, cinnamon, off-white, bright white and espresso brown. Aluminum water features are ideal for those who love color choices. They're also perfect for folks who don't want to have to deal with significant maintenance requirements.

Sunday, April 9, 2017

Cast Aluminum Art Adds Style

Aluminum art can be used both inside and outside a home. It adds a special personal touch that represents a theme, which sets a tone for the entire area. Decorative cast aluminum art lets the imagination run free.

Cast Aluminum ArtThe Perfect Metal
Cast aluminum is the ideal metal for artwork. It is lightweight, making it easy to hang and display. The durability of cast aluminum attracts collectors who someday want to pass their collection down to the next generation. The aluminum can be hung outside in the weather and can be painted to match the décor.


Many artists use cast aluminum because it is an affordable metal to work with. Its affordability also makes it attractive to people who want to buy a larger piece or more than one. Larger pieces, such as flower planters and urns, are perfect for gardens.

Gardens and Patios

Gardens and patios can benefit from cast aluminum art. A water fountain is a specialty item that can be heard and seen. The smooth sound provides a relaxing atmosphere, and the design is a pleasure for the eyes. Plants and flowers can be grown in the planters for that extra element of beauty.

Interior Designers

Today’s interior designers are using cast aluminum art as centerpieces for rooms inside the home. The stunning pieces draw the eye and are great for entryways and living areas. The styles pair well with other décor and can be painted a contrasting color to set it off.

Design Options

The sun and the moon are popular designs that have deep symbolic meanings. Wall hangings are available where the two are intertwined, offering a union of opposites. Many people who buy them just like the way they look and appreciate their artistic element.

Jazz it Up

An aluminum art piece is guaranteed to jazz up any space. An outside wall takes on a whole new look when art takes its rightful place. The curb appeal of any home or business is elevated by using art on the grounds, fence, or side of a building. Aluminum art pieces add an element of style to any area.

Decorating Ideas for Antique Ladders

Decorating with antique ladders has become all the rage because of their unique, charming appearance. Each one is weathered and colored a little bit differently. And they come with two types of steps. Some are smooth and round. Others are flat. So each one can be tailored to a person's personal preferences and the project that they want to use them on. The following is a list of decorating ideas for ladders with both types of steps:
Antique Ladders
Ladders With Flat Steps

-Set pictures with matching picture frames on each step.
-Use the steps as bookshelves.
-Place rows of mason jars filled with craft supplies on them.
-Lean them against a garden shed. Then, set pots of flowers or herbs on the steps.
-Mount one on a flat, weathered board for a comfortable office supply organizer.
-Use hinges to attach a flat step ladder to a bunk bed for children to climb on.
-Hang one on the inside of the pantry door. Then, arrange spices and seasoning packets on them alphabetically.

Round Steps
-Set several ladders next to each other over the top of a garden plot to create separate growing spaces.
-Hang tea towels or other folded types of linen down the steps.
-Display magazines on them.
-Loop strings through antique garden tools, and hang them on an antique ladder on the wall of a garden shed.
-Attach matching posts to both ends of a round stepladder. Then, set a piece of glass on top to make a unique coffee table or end stand.
-Hang pots, pans, and utensils from a ladder hung up with chains on the kitchen ceiling.
-Use several of them in the garden for trellises for vines and climbing roses to grow on.