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Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Fiberstone Makes Designing Beautiful

Planters are a popular choice for residential and commercial settings. They are the perfect centerpiece for gardens and patios. Landscape designers use Fiberstone art pieces to enhance the area and give it character.

Material of Choice

Fiberstone is a unique material that offers many advantages over cement. It is made from a mixture of fiberglass, sand, and stone. The reinforced fiberglass backing gives the planters strength while retaining their lightweight properties.


Many planters are heavy and difficult to move from one spot to another. The Fiberstone planters, fountains, and statuary are designed for mobility. It also makes hanging the wall art easier because of the lightweight material they are made out of.

Outdoor Fun

Fiberstone art is safe to use indoors or out. They are made to withstand inclement weather and will stay looking good for many years. Cold winter days feel much warmer when a statue or birdbath is a reminder of warmer days to come.

Indoor Décor

Architectural Fiberstone gives any interior room a touch of class. They pair well with other pieces in the collection. Placing one in an entryway or over a fireplace adds that special touch. Many people enjoy matching them outside Fiberstone planters with inside pieces for a cohesive look. They can be stained to match any décor.

Stain Preference

There are ten different color stains to choose from. The staining process is what gives them an aged antiqued stone appearance. This also ensures that the buyer is receiving a one of a kind work of art. These designs are based around historically pieces.

Design Concept

Most designers use several different Fiberstone pieces to complete an area. They all go well together and set a tone that can be carried from the exterior through to the interior. Statues are very popular and come in a wide array of choices ranging from angels to animals.

Detailed Designs

The details on each decorative piece follow a historical path from a bygone era without the weight. These modern day works are very affordable, which allows people to buy more than one piece of their home or business.


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