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Thursday, March 30, 2017

Metal Screens for Garden and Home

Metal screens are functional and add an artistic element to many areas of the home. Their versatility makes them the perfect accompaniment to any decor. They are also an excellent way to spruce up outdoor spaces such as patios and gardens.

Metal of Choice

Wrought iron is one of the most popular materials for metal screens for the garden and home. Wrought iron screens are durable and made to last. They are low maintenance and weather-resistant.


Wrought iron screens get attention because of their aesthetic beauty. Designers enjoy working with them because they can let their creativity shine. They can stand alone or be mixed with other pieces for a cohesive look.

Intricate Designs

Metal screens are heavy enough to withstand high winds and hold up to years of use, but the designs can be delicate. The styles range from modern to traditional and can be customized to add that personalized touch to each piece.

Privacy Screens

A solution to a lack of privacy is a metal screen that can be placed in just the right place. The Tri Panel Privacy Screens are designed to section off an area. Additional decorative adornments such as ivy or flowering vines can be added for that extra touch.


Trellises are the perfect solution for plants in both vegetable and flower gardens. Vines can grab on and grow up the trellis. Even peas and beans do better when they are allowed to climb.


Screens are a landscapers dream because they are an element that can be built around. Start with a trellis and the rest will fall into place. The plants and other landscaping materials blend well with a metal screen.


Walkways and patios can benefit from a metal screen because they welcome people in. There is a natural warm feeling that comes from wrought iron, and it gives off a great first impression. They increase the value of a home and give it curb appeal.

Wise Investment

Metal screens are a wise investment for homeowners who are looking to update the outside and inside of the house. There are many different uses for these works of art.


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