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Sunday, March 26, 2017

The Different Types of Planters

All PlantersWhile the use of planters goes back to ancient times, the different types of planters used today are not the same as those of days gone by. Planters today mostly consist of five types: ceramic and terracotta pots, urns, tiered planters, hanging baskets, and window and railing boxes. Within these five categories, you will find a wide variety of sizes, shapes, and designs to suit the style or décor of your home and garden.

Ceramic and Terracotta Pots

Available in a huge variety of patterns and colors, ceramic and terracotta pots are the traditional type of planter. Because they are so porous, you can also easily decorate your ceramic or terracotta pots with paint. However, they are best for smaller plants because they tend to get heavy and you will want to take them indoors during the winter to prevent chipping or cracking. Also, if they are not sealed against moisture before being placed outdoors, this type of planter will disintegrate quickly.


Though urns are more commonly made of a poly resin these days, they were once made of concrete or metal. Urns are great for decorative purposes, such as lining driveways, because they raise the plants off the ground and give people a better view of the flowers or other beautiful plants inside.

Hanging Baskets

For those who have a lot of plants, extra space can be found by going up. Materials such as plastic, reed, or wire weaving give hanging baskets a natural drainage system which is great for plants that need a soil of low-to-medium moisture. The plastic baskets come with a hanger attached, while the reed and wire baskets usually require you to provide your hanger.

Tiered Planters

Wall-mounted or placed to rest against the wall, tiered planters can be very decorative by nature. They have several small shelves that can hold young plants. Tiered planters can become a conversation starter and make any room look more attractive.

Window and Railing Boxes

Usually, either wooden or plastic and rectangular, most window and railing boxes are securely mounted with screws. Others straddle the railing snugly without screws, allowing you to move them as needed for watering, better sunlight, and replanting. Great for vegetables, herbs, or flowers, you can put almost any plant in a window or railing box.

Planters used to simply be a round pot that you place a plant in. These days, there are so many different types of planters that it makes choosing the right planter a difficult task. From hanging to railing planters, from round to rectangle, and from tiny to extra-large, the variety of planters is staggering. Hopefully, this article will help make finding the right planter to suit your needs easier.


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