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Sunday, November 30, 2014

What Is Vintage White?

Vintage white may sound like just a color, but it's really much more than that. It's an entire fashion trend built around the idea of a color, an idea which reminds us of an earlier time. Many of us have romantic ideas about the past. Certain colors tend to bring out these memories, together with the fondness of a simpler life. To truly understand this color as a fashion trend, we need to understand its roots.

Vintage Wine Is Fine Wine

The idea of anything vintage really comes from vintage wine. Wine improves as it ages, and the quality of a wine is often described by the year in which it was produced. This is because during certain years bad weather, can influence the quality of the grape being used in wine. When a wine producer presents a vintage wine to a customer, he will always tell him the exact year in which the wine was produced. In this way, vintage wine has become synonymous with high quality aged wine.

The Vintage Look In Fashion

Vintage products carry over this idea of high quality, but vintage style is a little bit different than vintage wine. For one thing, there is usually no mention of the year in which an item was produced. Vintage style describes an era more than it does a specific year. It describes a feeling, the feeling of the person buying the product.

The idea of aging does carry over though. Many people appreciate the look of older items, so much so that they want to retain the old look instead of renewing it. An example of this would be a white wooden gate that has aged so that some of the paint has worn away in the finish. Rather than repainting, many people enjoy the aged look. It reminds them of a country setting, which is natural, because country style makes frequent use of the color white. It's often a slightly aged white, with just a hint of yellow in it.

Using Aged White In Your Garden

You can make effective use of vintage white in your garden by expanding on a theme. Buy white iron accessories with a slightly dulled finish, or even those that are showing a small amount of rust. Include older white wooden benches or chairs. Add rustic items, such as an old flower teapot or white urn. You can let your imagination run away with you, because what matters is what makes sense to you.

After all it is your garden.

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Why Original Works of Art Make Good Gifts for Artists

It can be difficult to find a gift for an artist. Art supplies are not always a good gift especially when purchased by people who do not understand various mediums. Something to consider is giving the gift of distinctive artwork. There are several reasons why original pieces of artwork make good gifts for artists.

Provide Inspiration

One of the main reasons to give artists the gift of original artwork is to provide inspiration. Artists need to feel inspired while working on a painting, sculpture or other project. This inspiration can be difficult to find in a static setting where things never change. The artwork will introduce something unexpected into the home or studio. It will trigger new ideas that might not have come to the surface otherwise. This inspiration can help the artist for years to come while creating new artwork.

Complement the Home or Property

The gift of original artwork can actually help to complement the home or property of the recipient. Many different types of artwork are available. Some can add a whimsical feeling to a room. Other pieces could add much needed color to a monotone room. Several pieces can be placed outside to adorn the walls of the house or a long featureless fence. The gift can actually be selected to complement the existing artwork of the recipient in order to create more interest. Original artwork can make any house more attractive.

Give Something Unique

It can be hard to find a unique gift for an artist that has some personal meaning. Giving art supplies or other items from a typical store can feel hollow. Original pieces of artwork make excellent gifts for artists because they are unique. There is no other artwork in the world that is exactly the same or that has the same history. It is something that only the recipient will own. Additionally, the gift can be selected carefully to reflect the tastes and interests of the recipient. It is possible to find original artwork to match the personality of any type of artist. This makes the gift far more meaningful and memorable than other generic options.

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Wrought Iron Fence Installation

Wrought iron fencing is a beautiful way to secure your property. Iron fencing will impart a tailored look to your grounds, while providing the safety you crave. You may be wondering how to install wrought iron fence. It's easier than you may think!

Preliminary Steps

Before installing your new fence, there are a few tasks that must be completed. First determine your actual property line. Also it is courteous to notify your neighbors about your planned fencing installation. You'll need to review local zoning laws to ensure that the size and placement of your fence is allowable. Finally, determine if you must apply for a building permit to install the fence.


Before purchasing materials, take time to carefully plan the layout of your fence. Incorrect measurements can cause delay or monetary loss;also account for slope in your property. If the area to be fenced has a large degree of slope, you need to plan on stepping the fence panels to account for this gradient. Since wrought iron is not a flexible material, you cannot assume the fence will flow along the contours of your property without appropriate stair-stepping.

Next you need to stake out the fence line, including any gates and corner spaces. String twine tightly between the stakes, as this will ensure that the posts will be in line. When using this mockup to plan material purchases, be conscious of gate panels that will be incorporated into the fence line. Deduct the measurements of planned openings from the amount of panels to be purchased.


The most important part of your fence is underground! Ensuring proper post installation is of the utmost importance. Use a good quality post-hole digger for best results. Reference the depth and diameter recommendations provided by the fence manufacturer. Dig the post hole in a bell shape, wider on the bottom and narrower towards the the top. This provides maximum support and stability.

Wrought iron fencing will provide you with years of security and enjoyment. After installing your new fence, your property will look like a million dollars!

Sunday, November 23, 2014

The Unique Beauty of an Aluminum Fountain

One of the most striking features that can be added to any garden is a water feature. An aluminum fountain is one of the most beautiful ways to add the look and sound of flowing water to your garden. The sound of moving water is peaceful to humans. It attracts birds and butterflies to your yard and garden. Fountains have been used as a focal point of gardens both large and small for centuries. They invite you, your friends and your family to stop and enjoy a moment's peace in your outdoor living space.

How do you add a fountain water feature to your backyard living space or garden? One of the most elegant and practical ways is to use an aluminum water fountain. Aluminum is lightweight and sturdy at the same time. Aluminum takes little to no upkeep to maintain. The fountain formed from aluminum can also come in many colors such as black, wrought iron, grey, silver, bronze, green and brown to suit your outdoor decor.

Aluminum water fountains can be stately urn shaped fountains that have water gently overflowing into a reservoir beneath it. In the case of the urn shaped fountain, water gently trickles over the sides of the urn to the reservoir below, making a soothing and meditative sound.

Fountains traditionally have tiers from whence water can flow from level to level. For a really spectacular garden focal point, choose a 3 tiered fountain. The height of the three tiered fountain is a strong visual attraction that brings the eye to which ever location you wish to emphasize in your yard.

For a stunning, yet less ostentatious sight in a smaller yard, choose the two tiered fountain. The visual effect of the fountain is both classic, calming, yet still appropriate for a smaller space. Both the 2 and 3 tiered fountains come in black, silver, pewter, green, brown, bronze and white colors that are resistant to wind and weather.

Choosing an aluminum fountain for your outdoor garden living space is the perfect focal point for the homeowner with distinction and good taste.

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Updating the Kitchen with Wrought Iron Shelves

The look of wrought iron is timeless. It fits well with virtually all décor types, from old Victorian to French country. It is also very versatile; it looks great in its original dark metal color but accepts paint easily to coordinate with any color scheme. It can also be repainted when the design theme changes, avoiding the need to purchase new furniture. Here are some ideas for updating the kitchen with wrought iron.

Wrought Iron Baker’s Racks
Perhaps a quintessential part of the modern and old fashioned kitchen, the baker’s rack is suitable for such a wide variety of applications that it seems hard to live without. For a modern looking kitchen a baker’s rack is an ideal place for the microwave, telephone and charging stations. Spruce it up with fresh cut flowers and small knickknacks, or use it to hold recipe books and family photos for a personal style that is also practical.

Wrought Iron Shelves
Used as standing organizers or mounted to the wall, wrought iron shelves offer the ultimate in kitchen organization and artistic beauty. Spices, candles, decorative elements and even kitchen utensils can be placed on a shelf. Shelves are typically made entirely of wrought iron, but sometimes the brackets alone are wrought iron and the shelf is made of wood or glass. This versatility allows them to match many décor types without detracting from the overall look.

Wrought Iron Plant Stands
There is nothing quite so breathtaking as fresh greenery overflowing from potted plants, leaves and foliage draping down the sides of ornate wrought iron plant stands. Particularly suited to the kitchen herb garden, plant stands can be sized down to hold an individual plant on each level or to accommodate a number of plants on one of multiple shelves. Wrought iron is sturdy, making it ideal for the moist conditions that potted plants can bring.

No matter the style of kitchen furniture, wrought iron is sure to add elegance and practical beauty to the kitchen design. Sturdy, versatile and easily adapted to different themes, wrought iron can find a place of honor in every kitchen.

Friday, November 21, 2014

Why is a Wine Rack a Great Gift?

Whether it's for a birthday, anniversary or just the holidays, a wine rack makes for a terrific gift. That's because wine racks are classy but also extremely practical. Thankfully today the concept of these racks have completely transformed since they were first put on the market. Now they are truly a piece of home and garden decor.

For starters, these kinds of racks make great gifts because they can be given for just about any type of occasion. If an individual is on the hunt for a gift to give their friend as a housewarming gift or need a present to bring to their New Year's Eve party, a rack works. Similar to this, racks are ideal for both men and women. After all, loving wine is not gender specific.

Another reason why a rack makes an excellent gift is because it serves many different purposes. While most think of racks as a place to simply hold wine bottles, it actually does much more than that. In fact, these racks act as perfect storage units. Some racks come with drawers, which means owners can stick papers, trinkets and other items they don't have room to show off in their house. Then on top of the rack, homeowners can place items like vases, picture frames and candy dishes. Even though racks may have first been created to be a place to shelf wine, it is now much more than that.

Of course there are also some racks that act as an actual art piece. In fact, there are some racks manufactured today to look like a bottle tree, where colorful glass can be displayed. These racks are real yard art. This is a creative idea that is just starting to gain in popularity. When this sort of rack is given as a gift, the receivers are left with a beautiful piece of art that will really accentuate their home.

Racks are without a doubt one of the best gift ideas for everyone and anyone. When given as a present, receivers not only end up with an item they can use daily in their home, but one that provides a whole plethora of purposes.

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Creative Way to Display Christmas Cards

When the Christmas season arrives, you will probably start getting an abundance of cards in the mail or delivered to you at work. Instead of tossing them on a table, use a few creative ways to display Christmas cards. 

As you get each card, tack it on a bare wall so that you can make a tree. Start at the bottom so that you know how many cards you can have for the limbs of the tree. It's best to add several cards at one time so that you can see where the limbs will be on the wall.

Use a white or tan cork board, glue green ribbon along the edges, and create a small tree on the board with the green ribbon. Cards can be hung from the limbs of the tree. This is an idea for small spaces or if you don't receive a lot of cards through the year. You can also use several boards in different rooms of the home, creating various festive shapes on the boards. Hang shutters that have been painted in Christmas colors on the wall, and place all of the cards you receive in each slot of the shutters.

Create garland and a card holder in one piece when you get thick pieces of ribbon and attach clothespins at even intervals. Attach buttons to the tops of the pins, and decorate them with Christmas pictures. When you get cards, hang them from the pins to create a festive garland that you can display on a mantel or wall. If you have a plant that has lost all of the leaves, consider placing it on a table in the living room and tying the cards to the branches with colorful ribbons. This will give you a decoration for the season while using the plant in the winter.

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Using Wrought Iron In Outdoor Christmas Decor

Decorating outdoors for Christmas time brings a festive mood that is appreciated by everyone. Homes decorated for the Christmas season invite onlookers, evoking cherished memories from adults and delighted squeals from children. They are a part of the Christmas tradition that has been carried on for years.Wrought iron outdoor Christmas decor is a fanciful way to express the holiday spirit. 

Advantages Of Wrought Iron Art

Wrought iron figures are suitable for every season, but they work especially well for the Christmas season, because of their durability. They can stand up to almost any kind of winter weather, including the harsh winter weathers of the Midwest. They make an elegant backdrop against the white snow of Christmas time.

Unlike many holiday decorations, these decorations are easy to set up. They can be simply planted in a few choice areas on the landscape. Some are available with stakes, while others are heavy enough to do without them. Christmas lights are easily wound onto wrought iron, presenting a lacy effect that is at its best at night.

Holiday Versatility

Although traditional wrought iron is brown or black, because of its popularity, this rustic art has exploded on the market with many options of colors and styles. Beautiful Christmas scenes are available, such as a chorus of angels, or the traditional Christmas reindeer pulling Santa's sled. Easy to keep clean,this outdoor holiday decor is also long-lasting, promising to be passed down from one generation to the next.

Best of all, these artistic creations are eco-friendly. Many are built from salvaged metal, and their hard core weather durability insures that they will be used over and over again.

Wrought iron Christmas decorations aren't just for the countryside anymore. They are shared and enjoyed by city dwellers, too, and they present an inviting appeal for people of all ages.

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Using Cast Iron Door Stops

Sometimes small details in a room's decor are the items most often noticed by guests. They can also be the perfect way to incorporate a little humor, a touch of nostalgia or individualized personality into a room. Cast iron door stops can be one of those decorative details that receive multiple compliments while both serving a specific function and adding an element of surprise to the room decor.

Cast iron door stops are often thought of as a functional piece of decor used generations ago solely for the purpose of keeping a door propped open. They still serve their original purpose, but that is not all they do. This purposeful accessory is now available in a multitude of designs that increase its compatibility with various decors. Animal theme door stops can be incorporated into decors ranging from modern to rustic. A cast iron rabbit or dog would be an attractive accessory in a room that features an industrial-look or nature theme decor. Of course, they would also be an ideal fit in the rustic modern room decor that continues to gain popularity. Quite often an accessory is used to bring a burst of color into the room. A brilliantly colored rooster door stop would certainly visually wake up a room.

Many of today's design trends were influenced by something from the past. Finding a new use for vintage items is one way to incorporate pieces of the past into present decors. While a door stop may not be needed today for the same purpose as it was in the past; it can still be an attractive accessory in a home today. A doorstop that features a cute little mouse or a comical cat could be tucked into a book display on a bookcase. Used in that manner, it would be an eye-catching conversation piece in a living room or office. A bootstrapper door stop may not be needed for its original purpose, but it would be an attractive addition to any front porch or foyer. Cast iron accessories are timeless and versatile and can be beautifully incorporated into today's decors.

Monday, November 10, 2014

A Look at Aluminum Centerpieces

If individuals truly want a decorative item that will go well in any outdoor area, they should strongly consider buying a lovely aluminum centerpiece for the garden. Aluminum is an eminently durable metal that will hold up well for a long time. The centerpieces can be placed inside gardens that feature a range of green hedges and blooming flowers.

Most ornamental urns are used as the focal points of gardens to draw the entire scene together. They might be placed near other garden ornaments that have been carved from similar materials. Large gardens often feature urns near fountains. While not unduly heavy, some devices can weigh a few dozen pounds. They can be maneuvered into place by gardeners and landscapers who are trained in the proper lawn-care techniques.

Aluminum urns ultimately come in a variety of colors and should be matched to the surrounding decorative schemes. While brown and black are both traditional garden tones, homeowners should feel perfectly fine about branching out and choosing centerpieces that offer splashes of bright color. Blue, green and even red will be available. Many of these items also feature decorative lips with lovely patterns that have been carved into the metal. Most urns feature broad rectangular bases that will allow them to remain viable during hard weather events. It is best to place the centerpieces on ground that is as even as possible. Curved rocks and thin brick walls will not offer much stability, especially when the wind begins to kick up.

The centerpieces themselves can also be crafted from cast iron. Though this will make them a bit heavier, it will also give them a wonderfully elegant Victorian look. Cast iron urns can be key landscaping elements in garden areas that have previously appeared barren. Many people choose to set up cast iron urns near fountains in the center of the garden. With a few fancy rose bushes and some grand stone pathways leading to the fountain, they will have created a beautiful sitting area during the warmer months of the year. Friends and family will be thrilled with the beauty and majesty of the recently renovated garden.

Friday, November 7, 2014

Welcoming guests for the holidays with new curb appeal

The front yard of your home is often considered the first impression that your property makes on neighbors and guests who come to visit. From garden beds to flower arches, it's important to enhance the design and style of your home with different features that will dress up the space. When it comes to inviting guests over for the holidays, there are several ways to add new curb appeal that will allow your property to stand out in the neighborhood.

Install a Decorative Fence

To enclose your yard and allow it to have extra dimension, a decorative fence will work as a beautiful addition that will enhance the style of your home. It will not only add extra security, but can protect a flower bed or garden that is in place. Different styles of wrought iron fences are also available for an incredible way to add a rustic and regal look to the property.

Add an Arbor or Arch

Perhaps one of the most welcoming features to add to your yard is an arbor or arch, which will work as a focal point on the property and offer a timeless style that stands out from the street. Vines or gardens can also be planted near the arch and grow up the item over time for a gorgeous style that is natural in the space.

Incorporate Wrought Iron Planters

Put your plants and flowers on display with wrought iron planters that draw attention to the most beautiful items in the yard. Use a variety of different styles and heights of the planters for plenty of diversity, which includes plant stands, flower baskets, flower carts, layered boxes, and three-tiered stands. You'll be able to add more detail to your home for added curb appeal and can allow the yard to look professionally landscaped with the beautiful additions.

Use Outdoor Lighting

To illuminate your yard at night and allow the best features to stand out, use outdoor lighting with lanterns, sconces, candle chandeliers, and candle stands. It will allow guests to enjoy the design of your yard after dusk and can create a high-end environment for the property.