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Sunday, November 23, 2014

The Unique Beauty of an Aluminum Fountain

One of the most striking features that can be added to any garden is a water feature. An aluminum fountain is one of the most beautiful ways to add the look and sound of flowing water to your garden. The sound of moving water is peaceful to humans. It attracts birds and butterflies to your yard and garden. Fountains have been used as a focal point of gardens both large and small for centuries. They invite you, your friends and your family to stop and enjoy a moment's peace in your outdoor living space.

How do you add a fountain water feature to your backyard living space or garden? One of the most elegant and practical ways is to use an aluminum water fountain. Aluminum is lightweight and sturdy at the same time. Aluminum takes little to no upkeep to maintain. The fountain formed from aluminum can also come in many colors such as black, wrought iron, grey, silver, bronze, green and brown to suit your outdoor decor.

Aluminum water fountains can be stately urn shaped fountains that have water gently overflowing into a reservoir beneath it. In the case of the urn shaped fountain, water gently trickles over the sides of the urn to the reservoir below, making a soothing and meditative sound.

Fountains traditionally have tiers from whence water can flow from level to level. For a really spectacular garden focal point, choose a 3 tiered fountain. The height of the three tiered fountain is a strong visual attraction that brings the eye to which ever location you wish to emphasize in your yard.

For a stunning, yet less ostentatious sight in a smaller yard, choose the two tiered fountain. The visual effect of the fountain is both classic, calming, yet still appropriate for a smaller space. Both the 2 and 3 tiered fountains come in black, silver, pewter, green, brown, bronze and white colors that are resistant to wind and weather.

Choosing an aluminum fountain for your outdoor garden living space is the perfect focal point for the homeowner with distinction and good taste.


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