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Friday, November 7, 2014

Welcoming guests for the holidays with new curb appeal

The front yard of your home is often considered the first impression that your property makes on neighbors and guests who come to visit. From garden beds to flower arches, it's important to enhance the design and style of your home with different features that will dress up the space. When it comes to inviting guests over for the holidays, there are several ways to add new curb appeal that will allow your property to stand out in the neighborhood.

Install a Decorative Fence

To enclose your yard and allow it to have extra dimension, a decorative fence will work as a beautiful addition that will enhance the style of your home. It will not only add extra security, but can protect a flower bed or garden that is in place. Different styles of wrought iron fences are also available for an incredible way to add a rustic and regal look to the property.

Add an Arbor or Arch

Perhaps one of the most welcoming features to add to your yard is an arbor or arch, which will work as a focal point on the property and offer a timeless style that stands out from the street. Vines or gardens can also be planted near the arch and grow up the item over time for a gorgeous style that is natural in the space.

Incorporate Wrought Iron Planters

Put your plants and flowers on display with wrought iron planters that draw attention to the most beautiful items in the yard. Use a variety of different styles and heights of the planters for plenty of diversity, which includes plant stands, flower baskets, flower carts, layered boxes, and three-tiered stands. You'll be able to add more detail to your home for added curb appeal and can allow the yard to look professionally landscaped with the beautiful additions.

Use Outdoor Lighting

To illuminate your yard at night and allow the best features to stand out, use outdoor lighting with lanterns, sconces, candle chandeliers, and candle stands. It will allow guests to enjoy the design of your yard after dusk and can create a high-end environment for the property.


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