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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Ideas for Fall Lawn Decor

When thinking about Fall lawn decor, there are two key elements everyone should keep in mind. Plan around Fall’s two main holidays, Halloween and Thanksgiving. Count on your decor to remain for the duration of Winter and its holidays too. After all, once Fall transitions into Winter, you aren’t going to be spending so much time working in your lawn.
Color Theme For Fall Lawn Decor

What color them should you choose for your seasonal outdoor decoration? You can’t go wrong by sticking with a classic one. Browns, purples, oranges, reds, and yellows are the dominant color themes of Fall. Choosing from this palette for your yard is an elegant way to create an overall design matched with the season. Throw in a few dashes of bright red or bright green to anticipate the arrival of Winter holidays.

Halloween and Thanksgiving decor is typified by this color palette. The palette, of course, is drawn from the changing of the leaves. Shades of greens transform into this complex palette, and even our foods served for Halloween and Thanksgiving share the color combinations. In the oranges of pumpkin and sweet potato, the browns and reds of hams, purples and reds of cranberry sauces, we see a reflection of the colors of Fall.

Ideas For Fall Decorations

Once you have settled on the overall color theme for your decor, it’s time to choose your elements.

The nostalgic style of wrought iron baskets are a nice compliment to bouquets arranged in the colors of Fall. They echo architecture from the time of pilgrims which is perfect for November and Thanksgiving. They also echo gothic styles of Halloween for October. When snow comes in Christmas, it is quite beautiful draped across wrought iron baskets as well.

From the dining room table to the frontyard, pumpkins are a safe bet. As decoration, uncarved whole pumpkins become beautiful round sculptures dotting the landscape. As mentioned before, they span throughout Fall and echo its major holidays. Line them along the sides of your yard's walkway, create circles of pumpkins around your trees, or simply scatter them with creative flourish across your lawn. Give your lawn pumpkins a bed of dried corn stalks for an extra classic touch.


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