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Saturday, October 4, 2014

An Atypical Pumpkin for Your Home

Durable Metal

Creating long lasting décor on a home’s lawns is easy with durable metal items such as a miniature wrought iron pumpkin. With autumn arriving across the United States, many homeowners want to perk up their outdoor spaces with rustic decorative items. While many materials will degrade outside in the harsh weather of autumn and winter with its changing temperatures and intense rain, thick metal lasts for many years. Many people place cheap plastic balloon pumpkins on their lawns near sidewalks and doorways, but the items deflate quickly, leading to additional work for homeowners. When a high wind occurs, the orange colored balloons may float away never to be seen again.

Beautiful Objects

Alternatively, iron objects last for several generations as the items develop a natural patina due to weathering in all kinds of weather. Homeowners do not need to worry about the items blowing away in storms. There are many places where a homeowner can place miniature wrought iron pumpkins in their outdoor spaces such as patios and lawns. The pumpkins fit nicely on the tops of fence posts, gates and gazebos to welcome family and guests during the harvest season at a rural or urban location. Instead of needing to spend hours airing up balloon decorations with a handheld pump or driving to a gas station to pay money for air, install a wrought iron decorative object.

Make Groupings

Homeowners without gazebos or gates can still enjoy the versatility of an iron decorative item by placing it on a porch. Small metallic pumpkins look perfect placed in a planter next to shrubs or autumn leaves. In addition, because the objects are made of twisted metal with a hollow center, it is possible to put something in the center such as a brightly colored candle. It is also possible to paint wrought iron objects with a variety of colors to match a home’s interior or exterior décor. To create a decorative element outside or inside a home, the best way to use these objects is by buying several to group in a corner of a room.


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