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Saturday, May 27, 2017

For the Home

The Advantage of Adding a Vintage Look to Any Design Style
For The HomeWhether decorating the interior of a home or a yard space, design is all about the accessories. On trend, this year is the addition of vintage pieces that reflect the best of rustic charm while still complementing the architecture and design style of the home. When people hear the word "vintage," they automatically think "old." However, nothing could be further from the truth. Vintage decor' depicts no particular era which allows individuals to mix and match styles, pieces, and looks while still reflecting their individual tastes.

Materials Used

Two of the most common materials utilized when including vintage elements in home decor' are metal and wood. The elements add interest and texture to any home's interior or exterior. They also ensure that spaces exude a certain warmth, elegance, and charm. Currently in use are also reproductions which tend to be more affordable than many antique pieces.

Enhancing Style With Vintage Pieces For the Home

The accessories selected for the home should complement the basic decorating style of the space. That means that if a room or outdoor space is filled with contemporary furnishings and elements, adding wrought iron or wooden vintage pieces sparingly would provide a focal point juxtaposed against the stark styling of traditional, contemporary design. Whether selecting a wooden ladder that serves as shelving or a black, wrought iron candelabra to go over a dining room or patio table, such pieces would be just enough to turn a dull space into a vibrant, inviting place.

Expanding the Living Space to the Outdoors

Indoor/outdoor living is a trend that has grown in popularity over the past several years. By incorporating some of the interior home accessories outdoors can easily expand the living space yet maintain the design flow. The same is true for bringing the outdoors in. For example, utilizing an extra section of exterior wrought iron fencing indoors as a wall ornament would bring outdoor elements inside creating one large room once the doors are opened.

Vintage pieces, especially wood and iron, are an excellent way to add an element of charm and historical flavor to the interior or exterior of any home. Utilizing such elements adds interest, texture and a focal point to any space. Whether selecting authentic antiques or reproductions for interior and exterior spaces, mixing the old with the new is not only right on trend but also ensures any space is truly distinctive.

5 Step Wood Vintage Shelf Unit Made From Antique Ladder 56"t

If you love the look of vintage wood and want to add an interesting piece in a home, the
5 Step Wood Vintage Shelf Unit Made From Antique Ladder 56 t, is the perfect addition. The antique ladder, built with five shelves is a multi-functional unit that makes an interesting conversation piece. Standing close to 5-foot tall, it has a purpose for every room in the home.

The Ladder is in the color of Rustoleum Warm Caramel. Customize the ladder to look older or give it a rustic appeal. Choose the desired color to add to the caramel as a thin layer of color, and get a similar look to the appearance of sanded rustic boards. A thicker coat of a preferred color of a Satin finish will allow some of the caramel to show through. Still keeping that aged antique look but in more of a solid color.

It is the perfect choice for small apartments since it is less than 2-feet from the wall to the front of the bottom shelf, which would be the largest depth. The use of the five shelves can range from the porch to the bathroom. Upgrade the country appeal to a covered front porch and use it to hold planters of flowers and mini buckets for digging tools. Add an on-porch herb garden, so all of your fresh herbs are close.

Bathroom linens, candles, and specialty soaps would be within reach and neatly kept on display. In the kitchen, old antique cookbooks, glassware, and old kitchenware would have a home. It would also maximize space in a bedroom to double as a bookshelf, phone-charging station, hold photos or keep keys, change, and a wallet in one location.
There are many ways to use the 5 Step Wood Vintage Shelf Unit Made From Antique Ladder 56 t. while adding a vintage look within the home.

Monday, May 15, 2017

Beautify Your Yard This Year With Lovely Wrought Iron Flower Trellises!

Extra Wide Hoop & Arrow Wrought Iron Trellis - 34" WideHave you noticed how beautifully Wrought Iron Flower Trellises showcase many climbing blossoms? These stylish garden accessories install easily in front and back yards adding a charming, decorative quality to the landscaping. By placing several sturdy trellises in visible locations, for instance, some property owners maximize the impact of brilliant spring and summer floral displays.

Grow Abundant Flowers
For instance, just imagine how lovely red, yellow or pink tea roses would appear growing along a handmade large circle trellis or shoulder trellis? These delicate, fragrant blooms provide superb color alone, or in combination with other climbing plants. Unlike traditional rose bushes, tiny tea roses train quickly to grow along lateral fences or upwards against decorative wrought iron rods; they'll eagerly cling to ornate trellises, providing hours of gardening enjoyment.

The great purple, blue or white trumpet-shaped Morning Glory blossoms also create beautiful outdoor highlights. These blossoms will close at dusk, then open again during sunlit morning hours. Many people enjoy tracking the movement of the petals over time. Consider growing two vines per trellis to ensure a full, vivid cascade of sweet-smelling flowers. This type of arrangement adds visual interest to yards with very little required maintenance once the plants obtain a good start.

Enhance a Vegetable Garden, Too!

Did you know, you can even install Wrought Iron Flower Trellises very efficiently to add some color to vegetable gardens? These delightful accessories will support many types of climbing plants, including tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, and even cucumbers. (You may need to provide extra support for large cucumbers to prevent them from falling off before harvest).

By encouraging vining veggies to grow upwards, instead of horizontally along the ground, gardeners can significantly increase the crop yield per foot. Fit more plants into a small garden, for instance. Best of all, you can relocate a sturdy decorative trellis composed of permanent wrought iron quickly from one outdoor area to another on demand. Consider utilizing this vital gardening tool for veggies in the early spring, then relocate it to enhance a stunning front yard floral display!

10 Colors to Choose From in Fiber Stone

30  Buff Pedestal Planter Base in Fiber StoneIt’s not only the plants and flowers in the garden that contribute to its beauty and elegance. Garden features such as birdbaths, pedestals, and planters can be included in a garden, landscape or patio design to create eye-catching statement pieces. Sometimes, it’s the discovery of a strategically placed piece of garden art that makes meandering through the garden a more memorable experience.

Concrete statues are heavy. Moving them around on a patio or in a garden is quite difficult. Fiber Stone is an alternative to concrete. It is durable, lightweight and can add ambiance, nostalgia, and beauty to an outdoor living area or garden space. Garden art, planters, birdbaths and decorative wall hangings, shelves, and finials made of Fiber Stone are budget-friendly ways to make your outdoor space look regal or rustic.

Whether decorating an indoor area or outdoor space, the attention to detail is what will make your design unique and impressive. With ten colors to choose from in Fiber Stone, it’s easy to find the color that ideally complements a specific outdoor décor, or that coincides with a certain garden theme. Fiber stone statues are a great way to personalize a garden. They are a wonderful way to add whimsy to a flower garden. Angels, animals, and gargoyles are timeless pieces of garden art. Whether used as a focal point or tucked into the garden as an accent piece, a statue can be one of the most impressive details in an outdoor design.

Fiber Stone benches, stools and tables can be moved around so that the design of an outdoor seating area can easily be reconfigured. A traditional style garden bench can provide a place for intimate conversation or solitary contemplation. A Fiber Stone desert chair would not only provide seating; it would be an eye-catching, conversation piece in any garden or landscape design.

It would not be very practical to include items made of concrete inside a home. Lightweight Fiber Stone is practical for indoor use. A pedestal planter, a bench or a garden seat would be a lovely, unique addition to a foyer, bathroom or sunroom.

Saturday, May 6, 2017

Woven Wire Loop Fencing Arriving Monday

Arriving Monday! So excited to get this historical looped top ornamental wire fencing back In Stock. Having been sold out through out the United States for over a year has been hard on home owners that need this style fencing to enclose their yards and gardens.

This vintage style fencing was popular to enclose cemeteries and church grounds during the middle 1900's as well as thousand of homes. This easy to install economical woven wire fencing is the perfect solution to create a boundary to define yards and keep children and animals safe from busy streets.

We knew that our clients were in need of this low cost perimeter fence so we decided to have it manufactured ourselves. We will have all hands ready early Monday to unload the tractor trailer full of 3' and 4' tall rolls of this great fence. We also have a few gates that coordinate with the fencing but keep in mind the supple is very limited and won't last long.  

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Child's Wrought Iron Daisy Bench

Wrought iron benches are a timeless piece of outdoor furniture. These decorative benches add beauty to a patio or garden. They also provide a place for solitary contemplation or intimate conversation. A wrought iron bench can quickly become a favorite place to spend leisure time.

Adding a child’s wrought iron bench to a patio design will make a child, grandchild or any child feel special. Rather than climbing into adult-size furniture, they will have attractive seating that is just the right size for them. A bench of their very own would be an excellent gift for a child. A child’s size bench made of durable, attractive wrought iron could easily be incorporated into a patio furniture arrangement or landscape design. It would also be an excellent addition to a garden. Children need a quiet retreat where they can read a good book or simply sit and observe nature. A bench, in their favorite color, placed in a semi-secluded location could become their favorite retreat location.

A child’s wrought iron daisy bench makes an attractive and unique plant or flower stand. It would be lovely sitting on a patio with a couple of pots of colorful flowers placed on it. Ferns or other green plants with interesting textures could also be displayed on this adorable bench. A bench holding flower pots filled with brilliant flowers could be used to add a burst of color to a front porch. A landscape design could be enlivened with the addition of this attractive bench. It could be the final touch a landscape needs to make it look friendly and inviting.

Wrought iron can be used indoors as well as outdoors. This beautiful bench could be added to a foyer or sunroom to give the room a touch of nostalgic beauty. A couple of stuffed animals or some vintage dolls would look adorable displayed on the bench. The whimsical daisy design on the bench makes it beautiful enough to simply be used as a decorative item without any additional adornment or purpose.

The Rustic Beauty of an All Metal Tiki Hut Gazebo

People everywhere are using their outdoor space as an extension of the home. Taking advantage of the extra space gives more room for relaxing and entertaining. It is easy to turn any yard into a gathering place with an All Metal Tiki Hut Gazebo - Wrought Iron Yard Structure.

All Metal Tiki Hut Gazebo - Wrought Iron Yard StructureThatched Design

The Tiki Hut Gazebo has a thatched roof design that is reminiscent of a tropical paradise. This concept has been used for centuries and has continued to grow in popularity. Using wrought iron as a roofing material makes the gazebo strong and long lasting.

Full Coverage

Let the sun shine or the rain fall because the Tiki Hut is full coverage. It provides plenty of shade on those hot sunny days and keeps the occupants dry even when the dark clouds roll in. The roof offers a unique statement all by itself, but the rustic fencing adds a special finishing touch.

Wrought Iron Fencing

Its style easily recognizes wrought iron fencing. It's implemented into the design of the All Metal Tiki Hut Gazebo for added strength and rustic aesthetic beauty. The gazebo will take on a more rusty patina as the years go by.

Size It Up

The Tiki Hut Gazebo is a sizeable structure. It measures 127” high, pole to pole on top is 122”, rail height is 32”, and the roof is 134” from one side to the other. There are two walkways, and each one is 56.5” wide.

Gazebo Collection

Full gazebo collections are available ranging from dome tops to pergola designs. They are constructed using durable wrought iron. These gazebos are all very functional and add the perfect decorative accent to any yard. The wrought iron wears well in any weather and can be left out year-round.

Functional and Beautiful

A gazebo can serve many different purposes. People use them as a dining area and can fit a nice sized table and chairs. Lounge seating will fit under the All Metal Tiki Hut Gazebo - Wrought Iron Yard Structure nicely. Outdoor lighting is often hung under the canopy for night time parties, or candles may be used for those romantic dinners. A gazebo is a versatile addition to any yard.