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Thursday, October 30, 2014

Getting your yard ready for the holidays

Without a doubt, when the holiday season arrives, people will want a nice looking yard that neighbors and friends alike will enjoy. Otherwise, without this, a homeowner will struggle to impress his or her buddies. While true, it’s not always easy to prepare, and one must take a proactive approach. With this in mind, here are three tips for getting a yard ready for the holidays.

Get rid of all debris: Think about it for a minute, in the fall, one will see debris in the yard. Not only will plants die, but some trees will drop leaves all over the place. To get rid of them, one must first take the plants out and throw them away. Then, one will want to rake the entire yard. While it’s a lot of work, a homeowner can help his or her cause and make sure the yard looks amazing.

Repaint the fence: If a homeowner has wrought iron fencing, he or she should consider sanding it and painting it. By removing rust and painting it, one can enjoy a healthy-looking yard that will impress friends and visitors. To get started, a homeowner should simply buy some sandpaper. Then, he or she should buy some paint that matches the old color. With a four-hour job, one can then enjoy a perfect looking fence all the time.

Clean the roof and gutters: Finally, while not technically part of the yard, one should clean he gutters and roof. Then, it’s easy to watch as the yard stays clean. Not only that, with a clean roof, it’s easier to put up decorations and lights during the holiday season. So, remember, by taking a few minutes to clean the roof and gutters, one can enjoy a cleaner and better looking yard. At the same time, one will save time and money in the long run if everything is in order.

With these three tips, one can get their yard looking great for the holiday season. Since it’s just around the corner, it’s wise to get started now and take a proactive approach.


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