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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Using Cast Iron Door Stops

Sometimes small details in a room's decor are the items most often noticed by guests. They can also be the perfect way to incorporate a little humor, a touch of nostalgia or individualized personality into a room. Cast iron door stops can be one of those decorative details that receive multiple compliments while both serving a specific function and adding an element of surprise to the room decor.

Cast iron door stops are often thought of as a functional piece of decor used generations ago solely for the purpose of keeping a door propped open. They still serve their original purpose, but that is not all they do. This purposeful accessory is now available in a multitude of designs that increase its compatibility with various decors. Animal theme door stops can be incorporated into decors ranging from modern to rustic. A cast iron rabbit or dog would be an attractive accessory in a room that features an industrial-look or nature theme decor. Of course, they would also be an ideal fit in the rustic modern room decor that continues to gain popularity. Quite often an accessory is used to bring a burst of color into the room. A brilliantly colored rooster door stop would certainly visually wake up a room.

Many of today's design trends were influenced by something from the past. Finding a new use for vintage items is one way to incorporate pieces of the past into present decors. While a door stop may not be needed today for the same purpose as it was in the past; it can still be an attractive accessory in a home today. A doorstop that features a cute little mouse or a comical cat could be tucked into a book display on a bookcase. Used in that manner, it would be an eye-catching conversation piece in a living room or office. A bootstrapper door stop may not be needed for its original purpose, but it would be an attractive addition to any front porch or foyer. Cast iron accessories are timeless and versatile and can be beautifully incorporated into today's decors.


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