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Sunday, November 30, 2014

What Is Vintage White?

Vintage white may sound like just a color, but it's really much more than that. It's an entire fashion trend built around the idea of a color, an idea which reminds us of an earlier time. Many of us have romantic ideas about the past. Certain colors tend to bring out these memories, together with the fondness of a simpler life. To truly understand this color as a fashion trend, we need to understand its roots.

Vintage Wine Is Fine Wine

The idea of anything vintage really comes from vintage wine. Wine improves as it ages, and the quality of a wine is often described by the year in which it was produced. This is because during certain years bad weather, can influence the quality of the grape being used in wine. When a wine producer presents a vintage wine to a customer, he will always tell him the exact year in which the wine was produced. In this way, vintage wine has become synonymous with high quality aged wine.

The Vintage Look In Fashion

Vintage products carry over this idea of high quality, but vintage style is a little bit different than vintage wine. For one thing, there is usually no mention of the year in which an item was produced. Vintage style describes an era more than it does a specific year. It describes a feeling, the feeling of the person buying the product.

The idea of aging does carry over though. Many people appreciate the look of older items, so much so that they want to retain the old look instead of renewing it. An example of this would be a white wooden gate that has aged so that some of the paint has worn away in the finish. Rather than repainting, many people enjoy the aged look. It reminds them of a country setting, which is natural, because country style makes frequent use of the color white. It's often a slightly aged white, with just a hint of yellow in it.

Using Aged White In Your Garden

You can make effective use of vintage white in your garden by expanding on a theme. Buy white iron accessories with a slightly dulled finish, or even those that are showing a small amount of rust. Include older white wooden benches or chairs. Add rustic items, such as an old flower teapot or white urn. You can let your imagination run away with you, because what matters is what makes sense to you.

After all it is your garden.


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