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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Adding Pedestal Flower Pots To Your Garden

Most experienced gardeners know what a difference the addition of a few potted plants and well-placed garden adornments can make, but anyone that is not familiar with gardening might not be so sure. Depending on the type of garden that is being designed, the containers that are used may vary, but pedestal flower pots are an option that comes in a huge number of styles with materials ranging from metal to stone to plastic. Here is a quick look at the different types of pots that can be added to a garden and the best ways to use them in a garden.

Pedestal flower pots made from metal materials can include everything from copper to brass to wrought iron and come in a wide range of styles. In general this type of pot is created for aesthetic reasons and used as an adornment around the garden or as a focal point. It also has practical purposes when it comes to housing particular plants and because they tend to be slender and high up off the ground, the type of plant to be potted is important. Anything that has long foliage and is bushy is a great option; any foliage or flowers draping down to the garden floor creates a dramatic appearance.

Containers that are created from stone add a touch of elegance to any garden, and these types of pedestal flower pots must be well thought out and planned in the garden because they are costly and heavy, making them difficult to move. Planters of this type should be placed front and center in the garden, or at the base of stairs or beginning of gardening paths. Everything from annuals to perennials to small shrubs and flowering vines can be added to these types of containers. Because stone planters tend to be larger, it is important that enough flowers are chosen to fill it properly and remember to include plants that all grow in a variety of ways—vining types that will climb or drape, lush foliage with contrasting colors, and both round and spiky flowers. 

The third type of commonly used pedestal flower pot is one made of plastic. This choice is great for gardeners that are on a budget or want something temporary that is still attractive and functional. Plastic types mimic both the concrete and metal options and can be used in the same way in any part of a garden. Because of the material they are constructed from they will not be as long lasting and can fade in color over time, but when the cost is considered many consider this to be a viable option. Molds are made in just about every style so choices make it easy choosing the perfect container for your garden.

No matter what type of container is preferred, choosing something that is right for the spot, overall style of the garden and will contain potted plants but still allow them to thrive.


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