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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

An Attractive Focal Point for the Garden

Victorian-style gardens have been throughout modern history a sought-after style of garden for their color, form and decoration. The garden urn fountain is a particularly attractive element of that style that can lend itself to almost any garden and say to the passerby, “Come hither!”


A Victorian garden has elements that almost any modern garden would want to borrow from: seating for guests in shaded areas to relax and enjoy the view, trees and shrubs to create the walls of the garden rooms, and a lush, cleanly cut lawn to carpet the floor of the garden area. Décor for the garden room is created by specially pruned plants, brightly colored flowers, inviting seating, attractively maintained flower beds or as demonstrated today, items like garden urn fountains.

Garden urns are large, ornate planters that were once placed in and around historical gardens, often not planted with anything at all, but simply placed as a statement amongst the plants or to mark a stairway or path. Added grandeur is given to these magnificent vases by including them in a stately fountain which immediately becomes the centerpiece of ones garden. This garden urn fountain is then surrounded by a happy yet orderly array of annuals such as pansies, petunias, geraniums or alyssum to brightly highlight its charm. Heads will turn!

It is the gardener's choice whether to purchase the fountain ready-made, or construct the masterpiece from a found urn. Combing architectural salvage yards or antique shops is sure to turn up a treasure, and this can be set in a composite pond and drilled for hose and pump. Either way, garden urn fountains can stand several feet to over six feet high with a pedestal and can lend an imposing view to the surrounding gardens or the view from your deck. It is possible to back the fountain with boxwood or other greenery to set it off, or to set the fountain in a courtyard fashion where all paths lead to one point.

Garden urn fountains beg the use of gently curving paths, groomed beds and a spotlight with good path lighting for evening drama. This is the feature that will set this garden apart from all the rest in the neighborhood. If home is in an urban neighborhood, consider a meandering path to the back of a narrow yard where the sound of the fountain calls guests to the seating area under shade trees with a lovely garden urn fountain as the focal point. In a more suburban or country scene, consider the garden urn fountain at the center of your larger pattern of several garden rooms where all paths lead to the center, and the garden urn fountain is a happy, sunny scene of water dancing over bright annuals surrounded by dwarf boxwood edging. The design possibilities are endless, but the result is sure to be delightful!


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