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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Decorative Iron Fencing - Beautiful and Durable

There is nothing new about ironwork and in particular iron fencing. Decorative iron fencing is an ancient art. It roots can be traced back as far as ancient Egypt, around 3500 BC. It was used for weapons long before it was used for fencing. This was because it was not brittle. 

Although different uses for this type of fencing can be seen during that time, it was not until the Middle Ages that people began to use it for decoration in and around their homes. It was also used to cover doorknobs, and to serve as a barrier against intruders. The more they used it in their homes the more decorative it became.

On or about the 16th century, it became more elaborate and sophisticated, thus some of the greatest examples of this type of fencing can be found in cathedrals, on balconies, and gateways throughout Spain and France. In the 18th century, England made prominent use of it in many gateways and railings. Today, many of those railing styles have made their way to the French Quarter in New Orleans.

Now, it is acceptable and practical to use it as both indoors and outdoors. More and more individual homeowners are using it as inside railings and staircases. It is considered one of the best ways to add beauty to a home. It also serves another purpose.

Improving on the outward appearance of a person’s property is a good investment. It adds value to the property and the surrounding neighborhood. There are a number of areas where decorative iron fencing can be placed. Traditionally, it is used to surround the property.

However, that is not the only place to use it. Anywhere that requires fencing is an ideal place to use it. There are different designs of this kind of fencing. They consist of scrollwork, in addition to a series of vertical and horizontal bars that are crossed into different patterns and designs.

Some designs are strictly made up of shaped panels, or pattern work that is joined together to form the fencing. Whatever way they are created, they bring added beauty, grace, and style to any area. They enhance the overall appearance of the landscape. Most of all they provide security and protection.

Not only is it attractive; it is also strong and long lastsing. This is because of the process used to form it. This type of iron is heated at a very high heat, from which it is then shaped into spirals, spear shapes, coil, or a number of other designs. This gives it added strength and stability. 

This type fencing also has other advantages. The fact of how it is made not only makes it a deterrent to intruders; it also makes them a work of art. It is affordable, and easy to maintain. In addition to all of the other mentioned benefits, decorative iron fencing can be customized to suit whatever the customer wants.

It has a rich history, and it is proving to be just as rich today. This type of fencing has a time-honored tradition of high quality workmanship. It does not matter what style is used; decorative iron fencing is as strong as it is beautiful.


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