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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

The Unique Charm of Wrought Iron

Wrought iron fencing and gates can be used in a variety of settings. This beautiful and durable type of fencing comes in a variety of styles and qualities and can be custom designed to fit into virtually any setting. It is frequently also used as railing for steps, stairs, balconies, and porches. Wrought iron fencing can be of a very simple design or it can be quite elaborate. The cost will usually be related to the complexity and degree of artistry of each piece as well as the quality of the iron used in constructing the piece.

Wrought iron is produced by artisans or artists by drawing, hammering, and welding mild iron. It resists rust well because of its natural oxide coating. Wrought iron can be made to order for a given project. If you have bought new wrought iron fencing it does not need painting. If you want to paint the fencing in order to change its color be sure to use a good quality rust resistant paint intended for use on iron. You may want to consult your fence supplier. Be sure to follow all directions for the brand of paint you have chosen. Instructions for painting wrought iron are also available online and would be worth consulting. Brushing is always better that spraying. Be sure to use a primer as well as a finish paint.

Most of the online directions for painting wrought iron assume that the fencing has already been painted. If the wrought iron has never been painted it should not be sanded on areas that are not rusted because the natural black oxide surface prevents rust.

If you have old fencing be aware that sometimes cast iron fencing looks like wrought iron since it is possible to copy wrought iron with cast iron. If you look for used wrought iron fencing and gates in salvage yards you may find cast iron reproductions. Cast iron rusts more easily than wrought iron and is brittle. Cast iron is very difficult to weld or do other work on. Wrought iron fences sometimes utilize decorative cast iron pieces such as finials or castings of children, birds, moons, or even cats. More modern pieces may be stamped instead of cast. These pieces may require different care when being painted.

Good quality wrought iron fencing and gates can be quite valuable and is occasionally stolen. If you have a rustic garden in an area where security can be an issue you may wish to make some security provisions for your fencing. Cemeteries have been known to loose valued fencing to thieves. If your wrought iron fence has particular value due to either artistic value or historic value you may need to consult your alarm company. If it is vulnerable primarily as scrap metal simply making it difficult to remove is probably sufficient. 

Fencing companies usually offer standard styles of wrought iron, and artisans or even artists who produce custom wrought iron can be found in most cities or even small towns. You may be able to find fine used pieces in salvage yards or even at online suppliers of rustic gardens.


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