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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Decorative Urns & Planters

One sure way to elevate the level of elegance and sophistication of a patio, garden or landscape is to include garden planters and urns in the design. These magnificent garden accent pieces are available in various types of material including aluminum, cast iron, wrought iron, and fiberstone. There is an extensive variation in prices making it possible to find items for a variety of budgets. Finding a style that will complement a specific decor is a simple task due to the wide selection of design options.

When selecting planters and urns for a garden, it is important to consider the size of the containers in relation to the scale of the garden. In order to achieve the most impressive design, the urns and planters used to enhance the curb appeal of a home or as part of a landscape design should complement the exterior decor of a house. The same is true when choosing garden planters for a patio space. 

Adding planters to the garden can definitely make the area more attractive. Urn fountains and pedestal planters can be used as a focal point in a garden design. Wrought iron planters are a work of art that can be used on a tabletop, on the ground or placed on top of a pedestal. Planters on pedestals can be used at the beginning of a garden path. They are an impressive feature at the beginning of a walkway leading to the front door of a home.

Fiberstone planters are ideal for any garden, but they are especially nice in small gardens and for small budgets. These planters are available in designs that are as impressive as higher priced planters. Another positive feature of durable fiberstone planters, pedestals and urns is that they are lighter weight than concrete. This makes it much easier to move them around to vary the landscape or garden design.

Investing in garden planters and urns opens up opportunities for year-round decorating. In the cold months when green plants and flowers can't survive, there are other ways to decoratively use urns and planters. One option is to plant some evergreens in the planters. Artificial greenery and seasonal flowers can be added to the planters during the winter months. Spot lights and string lights can be incorporated into the landscape design to draw attention to these attractive planters and decorative urns.

Garden planters and urns have been used to enhance garden designs for many years. Their beauty is ageless. They provide limitless opportunities for creativity throughout the year. Choosing the proper style of planters essential. It is also best to opt for impressiveness in design and size rather than in number. Including too many planters can make it difficult to fully appreciate the value and attractiveness of each design.


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