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Sunday, March 29, 2015

How to Decorate with Aluminum Trellises

Many of the plants in gardens today benefit from trellises. Fortunately, trellises come in a range of designs that are attractive and functional. Trellises used in the right way can enhance the appearance of any property or garden. It is important to know how to decorate with aluminum trellises.

Find an Appropriate Space

Start by finding an appropriate space for the trellis. Do not put the trellis by itself in an open area. It will look awkward. The trellis should be part of a large structure of plants, walls or other features. The trellis should be integrated into an environment where the surrounding items or plants have the height as well. Panel trellises can be mounted on a wall or arranged into a long structure that connects to other tall plantings or fences.

Secure the Trellis in Place

The next step is to secure the trellis in place. This is important since wind, weather and even the plants themselves will all apply pressure to the trellis. If it is not secure, then it could come crashing to the ground potentially damaging the plants. Stake a freestanding trellis in firm soil. Earth staples can increase the stability of the trellis. Use solid hardware and a drill to attach panel trellises to walls or fences.

Train Surrounding Plants

The main purpose of aluminum trellises is to support plants. This requires training the plant to grow on the trellis. Training is relatively easy. Start by taking plants and gently guiding them towards the metal bars of the trellis. Use plant ties, ribbons of fabric or clothespins to secure the growing plant to the trellis. Twist the plant around the aluminum bars as the plant continues to grow. The plant will eventually start to grow naturally around the trellis.

Clean Around the Trellis Regularly

The final thing to remember is to clean around the trellis regularly. This is important because weeds could start to climb up and harm the plants. Additionally, the trellis could come loose or debris could damage the finish. Go out and look at the base or mounts holding the trellis in place and ensure that there are no problems.


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