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Thursday, April 16, 2015

DIY Wrought Iron Metal Gates Installation

Choose a Gate Style

A unique wrought iron metal gate adds elegance and security to a home or property. Selecting a gate is also an opportunity to showcase personal design taste. Gate styles range from simple designs to elaborate, scrolling ornamental pieces. The scale is important when choosing a wrought iron metal gate. Consider the style of the home’s architecture and landscaping before choosing a gate. Selecting the right gate for a particular location and climate is paramount. It is also important to consider function when picking a metal gate. Gates are commonly used for entryways and passageways. They create a separation of space, dividing one area of the landscape from another section. These gates can also signify a separate area of the garden or yard.

Durability of Wrought Iron

Wrought iron is more durable than wood or vinyl and provides an esthetic appeal as well. Metal gates will last for years and require minimal maintenance once installed. Wrought iron metal gates are built to last.

Measure for the Gate

Make sure the gate is firmly secured, using concrete at the base. The footing will need at least six inches of concrete, depending on the size selected. Use sturdy hinge posts. The wrought iron gate must be grounded in concrete or stone at ground level for stability. A gate needs to be stable and level to function properly. Spacing is important. Test the gate to determine which way the gate will swing before mounting the hinges. Make sure the gate is hung a few inches off the ground so it will not drag when opening.

Adding Hardware

Measure for the gate mounting hardware and follow the instructions for positioning the latch. The lock mechanism consists of two pieces, a catching device, and a hook. Be sure these are properly aligned so the wrought iron metal gate will latch securely. Check the fit before drilling holes. Attach the bolts and secure the gate. Admire the fine details and workmanship of the gate, knowing the wrought iron metal gate will provide both security and beauty for many years.


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