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Monday, April 27, 2015

How to Install Wrought Iron Window Boxes

Window boxes can add elegance to any property. They can be mounted under windows, along fences or even in the center of a wall to create a new point of interest. They need to be installed in the right way since water and soil will make each window box very heavy. It takes only a few steps to install wrought iron window boxes.

Choose and Prepare the Location for the Box

Start by choosing a location for the window box. Look for an area where there is a stable surface to support the box. Look at the ground and make certain that there is a way for water coming from the box to drain away. Prepare the location by clearing away any debris and cleaning the surface. Try to get the area around where the window box will rest as clean and flat as possible.

Mark Where the Box Will Be Attached

The next step is to use a pencil, marker or piece of chalk to mark out where the window box will be connected. Get a ruler and draw a line the same width as the window box. Use a level to ensure that the line is parallel to the ground. This will help to stop soil and water from spilling out of the window box. Hold the actual window box against the wall and mark the locations where the bolts will need to go.

Mount the Box Securely

It is now time to mount the window box to the wall. Use a drill to create pilot holes at the marks for each of the bolts. If the surface or wall is made of brick, stone or other masonry, then insert a lag shield into the pilot holes for a better grip. Place the window box securely against the wall and line up the pilot holes with the holes in the box. Use lag bolts to secure the window box to the wall or surface. Use a socket wrench to tighten the bolts and seal each one with caulk to protect against moisture.

Insert a Liner

The final step is to insert a liner into each of the wrought iron window boxes. The liner could be a moisture mat, coir basket or even a copper insert. The liner is what will hold the soil and water. Alternately, the window box could just be filled with individual pots containing plants.


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