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Friday, June 19, 2015

The Beauty of Wrought Iron Pergolas

Wrought iron combines the toughness and durability of iron with the delicate beauty of fine lace. Tendrils, webbing and even wrought iron leaves, flowers and vines gives wrought-iron pergolas a particularly Victorian look. They are ideal for any backyard or garden area.

Of all the large structures in a garden like gazebos, trellises or arbors, pergolas have flat, open and are often attached to the house. Thus, they often frame the view from the inside of the house and serve as another room.

Pergolas are also ideal for climbing plants like climbing roses and clematis. Their wrought iron frames make them strong enough for wisteria, a plant that has been known to defeat structures made of a less sturdy material. At the same time, the delicacy of the pergola complements the leaves and blossoms of the plants. Another benefit of wrought-iron pergolas is that they remain objects of beauty even in the winter, when leaves and flowers are gone. The very shadows cast by the wrought iron on the ground as the sun shines through the open roof are esthetically pleasing in and of themselves.

Pergolas also lend height to a garden that its owner might feel to be too flat, and can link up different areas of a large space. It is a good idea to have them tall and wide enough to be walked through with ease. Indeed, if there's space, pergolas can even have seating within them.

Two things the homeowner should consider are to make sure that the pergola complements the style of the house and that the components of the structure be proportional, both to itself and to the house. The pergola, after all, will be seen both from the inside and the outside.

One of the best things about these beautiful pergolas is that they can bought in affordable kits and put together by a homeowner with even modest handyman skills. Shouldn't every homeowner consider having one?


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