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Saturday, July 18, 2015

Choose Metal Window Planter Boxes for Old-World Charm

Flowers and herbs cascading from a window box bring to mind the old-world charm of quaint villages and towns. While there are many options to choose from in rustic wood, ceramic and affordable plastic too, the style and whimsy of metal planter boxes cannot be beat.

With their light weight, lovely designs and easy of use, the open-work metal construction can be used on any windowsill without worry about excess weight. Plant herbs outside the kitchen window, ready for picking and use in a tasty dish. Grow colorful flowers to brighten up the front of the house or trailing ivy to soften the look of the walls in a backyard retreat.

Why Choose Metal Window Planter Boxes Over Other Materials?

Most affordable planter boxes for window use are plastic. They may be Weather-resistant and long-lasting, but they lack a certain charm and grace found in more natural products. Terracotta or ceramic pots are sometimes suspended from hooks or holders outside windows as well. These are heavy and prone to breakage. Wood is a natural option that can add a touch of rustic charm to these suspended gardens. Unfortunately, it can become quite heavy when wet and will also rot over time.

Metal varieties share the rustic good looks of their woody counterparts without the excess weight. Because they are not solid and instead have interesting swooping designs, an insert of some sort is needed to keep the dirt and plants secure. Attractive sisal mat or moisture mat liners work well and look great for many years. After all, it is the bright flowers and trailing foliage that people will truly notice when they look at the house.

Window boxes have long been used to decorate homes and buildings all around the world. Not only are they beautiful accents, but they also bring the garden closer to people inside the house. Whether tasty kitchen herbs, riotous multi-colored blooms or elegant trailing foliage is the right style for the home, metal window planter boxes will add plenty of old-world charm.


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