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Friday, July 10, 2015

Adding A Garden Focal Piece

Adding a garden focal piece will bring together your lawn design in ways that you could not imagine. There is so much you can do to your garden, and you should start with a garden archway with gate access. The gate on your existing fence may act as the gate, or the archway may become the first entry point to your garden before a new fence is installed. Installing the archway is simple, but you must follow the steps listed below.

#1: Where Will The Archway Stand?

You must choose the place where the archway will stand. Placing the archway over an existing gate is acceptable, or you can place the archway in the spot where you want your gate to go. The archway must be sunk in the ground several feet for stability, and you must ensure the pieces of the gateway are properly attached to one another. The archway itself will not hold itself together simple because it is in the ground.

#2: How To Install The Gate

The archway and gate must come together in one piece. The gate will open up to the archway when the hinges are installed properly, but the gate must be off the ground slightly. You are providing room for water to run under the gate, and the gate will not scrape on any part of the ground that is near the hinge. The hinges must be flush with the wood on the archway, and you must test the gate before leaving it locked.

The archway and gate you install in your backyard can be the entryway to your backyard, or the gate can become the entryway to your private garden. You want to use the archway as a decorative piece that makes the garden more beautiful, and you must ensure that the gate is installed properly. The gate will help control access to the space, but you must use proper techniques during installation. Sink the gateway in the ground for added support, and paint the archway any color you like before you leave it to guard your garden or your backyard.


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