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Thursday, July 23, 2015

Time Period Recreation Pieces

Anyone who collects antiques (recreation or not) or who enjoys timeless Victorian era style may feel like their collection is missing something. They may ask themselves, "Do I have any Victorian plant stands?" If the answer is no, they may want to start researching, or they may just want to buy the stand without the research, which is not a good idea.

Victorian plant stands are made of wrought iron. This ensures that the stand is sturdy - since many things needed to be able to withstand the test of time in the Victorian era. Though few color options were available in Victorian times, modern recreation pieces come in a variety of colors that have been antiqued: turquoise, red, and pink just to name a few. However, the colors do not have to be antiqued. There are plenty of colors to choose from if the antiqued colors do not please: midnight blue, aqua, and green apple just to name a few.

The stand comes with a base and a basket. The detachable basket makes planting a lot easier and allows the stand to be moved without having to take the potted plant out of the stand - which saves hassle in and of itself.

The workmanship features a curlicue design. Though this design has come in and out of fashion, it adds an elegant accent to any decor. With the color options mentioned above (and those that were not mentioned), there is a plant stand that will match any room. The simple and understated basket design features half curlicues and keeps the frills to a minimum, a must in Victorian times to keep the attention on the plant, the painting, the expensive vase: anything but the stand. In a room where the attention is on the plant, this is a good piece to have.


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