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Sunday, April 27, 2014

Statues Folk-art Yard Decor

Are your outdoor areas dull? It's true that even after investing a great deal of time, effort and expense into making the outdoor areas of your home look their best, it can still seem that something is missing. You may feel that you need more than just a nice lawn or outdoor furniture.

Statues based on traditional folk-art used in order to enhance yard decor have a long history in traditional American property enrichment. The themes vary widely, but some are more common then others. Here are the major categories of folk-art statues typically used for yard decor.

Birds - We all enjoy seeing birds around our property, so why not make them a permanent fixture with outdoor statuary? Roosters are a great and widely used image for folkart statues, but everything from the exotic Tuscan to the common cockatoo can also be had. You can even still buy that all time lawn art classic the Pink Flaming! Regardless of what type of bird you choose, whether it's one carefully placed bird or a whole flock, incorporating our fine feathered friends as folk-art yard decor is always a popular choice.

Small Animals - We love those cute little critters that roam through our yards, but unfortunately they are unreliable visitors who tend to be shy. With yard decor consisting of folk-art statues, you can make our woodland friends into permanent outdoor fixtures. If you have a pool or a pond on your property, statues of frogs and turtles would be especially appropriate.

Large Animals - Although less common as folk-art statues for yard decor, the larger woodland creatures can make quite a positive impression. Drivers will really turn their heads as they pass your house if you have deer, bears or a buffalo on your front lawn.

Don't forget elves, gnomes, flowers and plants, they all make your yard come alive with 3D folk-art figures that your visitors will long admire and remember. In your search for that something extra that can really bring the outdoor areas of your property to life, don't neglect to consider statues folk-art yard decor.


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