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Sunday, April 20, 2014

Fence & Gates

Fences and gates for every type of property are highly functional and can serve as decorative pieces. Available in different finishes and sturdy metals, there are styles suited for everyone’s preferences. Here is an overview of the many styles of fencing and gates for a property.


Interlocking gates and fences are available. The typical gate is approximately 52 inches wide. Most gates are designed to go with 4’ interlocking fences, which can vary in length. Interlocking fences are easy to install and require little or no digging in order to be successfully installed. Hole punched flat bands cause an interlocking effect. Open holes allow the staking spears to be inserted into the fencing with ease.


All tall fences are made to last for a lifetime. These fences come in different varieties, including interlocking, are come with connecting stakes. Fencing stakes approximately 14 feet or more in height enhance the security of the property. For additional support, extra steel posts can be installed throughout the area. Gap distances are just over 3 inches, making it perfect for small animals. Sturdy fencing contains an anchor in every section and is quite simple to install.


Lawless arbors and lawless arbor gates come in a sturdy, wrought iron. Elegant in design, the arbor can be situated in a garden area or work to complement fencing currently existing on the property. Vines and flowers can be draped about the fencing. Some use it as a divider in town-home neighbors properties are in close proximity. Most fencing averages around 80 inches wide in length.

Center divide

Center divide fences can range between 3 and feet tall in height. The center divide piece comes with a hinge to either side. The typical center divide width is approximately 40 inches in width, the size of a typical fencing section. Some gates can have a rusted appearance for effect while others can possess a glossier finish.


Ornate gates accentuate the fencing on a property. The ornate gates are used in gardens, historic sites and country areas. Smart placement of rocks and other shrubbery add a sense of elegance and charm to the space. Most stand over 40 inches tall with a width of 33 inches. A five inch opening just above the ground prevents animals from entering or exiting the premises.

Fences aren't just for basic security. They can be used as accent pieces to create a charm. Experimenting with different variations of fences is perfect for creating the perfect look for a property. Interlocking, ornate, tall, lawless and center divide fence & gates come in different metals and finishes.


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