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Tuesday, December 2, 2014

The Benefits of Owning a Repurposed Pallet Coffee Table

Shipping pallets are very common today. These pallets are made from strong wood that is designed to resist abuse and heavy loads. Many pallets are just thrown away and forgotten after some time. This is a waste. Repurposing the pallets is allowing people to create furniture like coffee tables from the wood. A repurposed pallet coffee table has several benefits over other pieces of furniture.

Distinctive and Functional

The coffee table made from a repurposed shipping pallet is distinctive and functional. It can be hard to find a piece of furniture that has the same type of distinctive appearance; without affecting the functionality of the table. Some distinctive pieces are fragile or have unusual features that make it difficult to use the surface normally in the home. A pallet table has an attractive appearance. It also provides a large amount of space for storing items underneath. The top provides plenty of space for magazines or other items.

Help the Environment

A second benefit is that a pallet table helps the environment. Shipping pallets are used around the world every day. Many of these pallets are simply discarded by businesses. This means the wood is sent to a landfill where it takes up space. The result could be the eventual need for more landfills in the area. Repurposing the wood from a pallet helps to reduce what goes into landfills. It also preserves natural resources since there is no need to cut down a tree to make the coffee table.

Flexible Furniture

A final benefit is that a pallet coffee table is a flexible piece of furniture. It can be used as a simple table in a living room, den or bedroom. The table is treated in a way that allows it to be used outside as well. The table could be used on a patio or in a garden setting. It is possible to convert the coffee table into a bench for the home by adding canvas or pillows to the top. The bench can be placed in any vestibule, mudroom or other location where people need to sit. This flexibility makes a repurposed pallet table the right choice for any home.


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