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Tuesday, December 9, 2014

What are Urn Planters?

When looking for methods to add a little bit of elegance and intentional design to the garden, it becomes evident that something special is needed. For people who are looking for something interesting to use in their gardens, urn planters are an immediate source of interest. What is so special about these planters, and how are they used?

Urn planters at the most basic level, are large pots made from various materials that are used to house plants. It sounds simple enough at the outset, but when all of the different styles and designs are taken into account, there is room for quite a lot of originality. Some people love an urn planter that is made from bronze and has Hellenic designs on it, while others adore a plain planter with a very smooth surface.

These planters add a wonderfully personal touch to a garden, but before they are installed, there are a few things to keep in mind. First do not make the rookie gardener mistake of filling them and then trying to move them. A full urn is always going to be very heavy. Instead, simply take it to the place that it is going to stand, and then fill it there.

When filling an urn, remember that it does not have to be filled to the top. Instead, put down some kind of filler material in the body of the urn, and then set a smaller container on top of that. That saves on the costs for potting soil.

There are many plants that look quite attractive in urns. Consider looking for tall plants that shoot straight up from the urn, or think about choosing draping plants, like the ones that will fall over the lip of the urn with drooping, languid beauty.

Choose an urn planter that suits the mood of the garden. They do well on either side of a walkway or close to the house, though of course they can be dotted throughout the property as well.


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