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Monday, December 29, 2014

A Round Metal Plant Stand for Your Home or Garden

Decorating your home or garden with plants can lift your mood and make the area look very nice. If you have a lot of plants, you may want to incorporate the use of plant stands to help showcase specific ones by having them stand out from the rest. You can also use a plant stand to have your plants stand at different levels, making them have a more pleasing appearance in the area overall.
Picking Out A Plant Stand
When deciding what type of plant stand you would like to have on your porch or out in your yard, you will want to take the elements into consideration. If you will be having your plants in an outdoor setting, you will want to have a plant stand that will not deteriorate in moisture. For this reason, a round metal plant stand may be the best choice for being outside in harsh weather.
Giving Off A Trendy Appearance
Using a metal plant stand will show off a plant while keeping the appearance one that is not too flamboyant or too boring. Metal scrolling or patterning on the plant stand can give it some character. The color of metal against the green of the plant is a very pleasing color combination that allows your eye to be drawn to each separately.
Easy To Care For
Metal plant stands do not need much to be cared for properly. Simply use a mild detergent mixed with water trub on the surface, removing any debris that may have built up from being outdoors. You could hose down a metal plant stand with a garden hose without worrying about any type of damage happening to the plant stand. After washing, make sure that the plant stand is dried off using a clean piece of cloth so that it does not rust.
Changing The Look
If you like the look of the plant stand itself, but do not care for the color of the metal, you can use a rust-inhibiting paint to give the plant stand a dash of color. Use a paintbrush to make the plant stand your own unique coloring.
You will want to cover the painted surface with a coating of polyurethane so that the paint does not wash away from outdoor elements. This will give it a glossy shine while protecting the new color that you have added to the plant stand.


At May 22, 2015 at 12:05 PM , Blogger Unknown said...

That's actually a really neat looking plants stand! I wouldn't mind having something like that on my property. Though, I would probably end up painting it a different color. A rusty metal look probably wouldn't go too well with the rest of my home.


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