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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Ways to Utilize a Garden Archway Trellis

Every gardening enthusiast wants their garden to be as beautiful as they can imagine. One great way to enhance the beauty of a garden is to add a garden archway trellis. A trellis is a wooden or metal archway used to allow vines and flowering vines a place to climb. It can be used to mark the entrance into the garden, to separate two parts of the garden, or to create a beautiful focal point. It can make a dull garden into a piece of art and create a space to recuperate after a long day.

Creating a focal point using a garden archway trellis can be as simple as framing a statue with it or as complicated as creating a water feature around it. Using minimal flowers will help keep the item you are framing as the center of focus while adding a pop of color. For a water feature, It can be used to frame a small waterfall or bird bath.

Using the trellis as a way to mark the entrance to the garden helps set the tone for how the rest of the garden will look. Large, tropical blooming vines will evoke a feeling of a tropical paradise. A dark green ivy will create a feeling of an English garden as they climb the trellis.

If the garden is large, it can be separated into smaller sections by a few strategically placed trellises. Using a smaller trellis and a small fence can create the feeling of entering an intimate, private space. A larger trellis can make the space seem like a grand showpiece.

A garden can be a way to escape the stress of the world. Making that retreat as beautiful as possible will make it that much more relaxing. A trellis makes a wonderful addition to any garden. Whether it is being used as part of a focal point, as a way to separate the garden into smaller gardens, or to announce the theme of the garden from the entrance, a trellis adds great character and can make the garden more than just a place to grow flowers.


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