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Friday, January 23, 2015

How to Decorate with Wooden Step Ladders

Many people who decorate their home or garden want someone innovative and eye-catching to add some personality to their decorated spaces. One way to get an interesting look in country decor is to use wooden step ladders in the decorating process. Step ladders come in various heights, and they are perfect for using as a decorating prop to which virtually anything can be added. 

Plants and Ladders

A ladder is a perfect place to stack plant containers to give a seeped look to a container garden. With large pots, a single pot on each step is a simple way to decorate. It is also possible to cluster several small pots on a single step for a country chic look. Very large pots may be hung from a high rung with a hook or set on the very top of a ladder. Another interesting look is to allow an ivy or other vine to climb up a ladder and create a larger area of greenery.

Quilts and Blankets

A wooden step ladder can also be used to perfectly display a homemade quilt. The quilt can be displayed by draping it over the entire ladder to allow visitors, and household members, to see the pattern and colors of the quilt. You can also display quits by folding them and placing one over each of the steps of the ladder to create a mosaic of color that displays parts of many quilts at once.

A step ladder can also be used to keep extra linens handy for guests. A step ladder in a guest room adds some classic country good looks to the room as well as making extra linens easily available.

With a step ladder, it is possible to turn any corner of a room into a display area that brings classic, country charm into the home. It's a simple way to personalize a room with ease and to create a focal point for a room.


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