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Saturday, July 2, 2016

Add a Victorian Garden Gate to Your Yard

When it comes to designing a look for your garden or back or front yard, sometimes it's hard to know what theme you should choose. That’s why choosing a Victorian look for your garden is always a good idea. Victorian gardens add a feminine and classic look to your area that is always positive. Turning your garden or yard area into a Victorian garden is simple. The first thing you’ll want to have is a Victorian garden gate.

Where You Should Put a Garden Gate

First of all, you need to have an area where the gate can go. For example, you might consider putting a gate between two bushes that open up onto your sidewalk or front steps. Garden gates of any kind can look perfect in the back of your yard as well. For example, you might install a gate as you go into your vegetable or flower garden.

How to Choose a Victorian Garden Gate

There are many different styles of garden gates from the Victorian era to choose from. A big part of deciding on a particular garden gate is deciding how big is needs to be. You might have a double door gate or a single entry gate that opens on the right or left. The choice is yours. For larger areas, it's naturally a good idea to choose a bigger gate that has two doors and encloses in the middle.

Most garden gates that are of the Victorian style will be rather low to the ground. They may be two to three feet high, for example. But if you have a large garden or entryway where you want to put a gate, you can have one as tall as your head or even taller. Big garden gates like this will be made out of iron almost all of the time. Smaller gates may be done out of metal that is less durable.

Most Victorian gates like this are black. But again, you may choose to have a different color, such as dark green, navy blue or ruby red.


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