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Tuesday, June 21, 2016

3" iron gates - style comparison

An iron gate is an excellent way to add style, value, and utility to a building. However, before you install an iron gate on your property, you will need to decide what style of iron gate is right for you. Check out these three iron gate comparison to help you out.

Vintage Style

A vintage style 3" iron gate has a mixture of posts and arches. Every other post has a stylistic arch over its tip. Additionally, there is an additional arch over the entire length of the gate. This gives the gate a delicate aesthetic balance. The gate can swing in both directions, and it can easily be attached to pillars or posts. The gate opening from the center is perfect for sending a welcoming message to visitors. It also adds utility to the gate.

Wrought Iron

A wrought iron gate has many posts topped with stylistic tips. Unlike the vintage style gate, these posts increase in size towards the center of the gate. There are not arches over the individual posts; however, there is an arch that extends over the entire length of the gate. This arch makes the tips of the posts seem a little less foreboding to viewers. Similar to the vintage style gate, a wrought iron gate opens from the center. It can also be easily attached to pillars and posts.

Standard Gate

A standard gate has posts with arches over each tip. An arch can also be found extending the length of the gate. However, a conventional gate does not open from the center, and only one side needs to be attached to a pillar or post. The result is a gate that is perfect for small spaces and narrow paths.

All of these gates can be acquired in numerous colors. The painting can be done to order. Additionally, if the proper paint is used, all of the gates can be painted by the owner after installation. A colored entrance can look fantastic paired with the shutters and doors of a building. Take the time to find the right 3" iron gate for you.


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