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Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Adding Curb Appeal with Cast Iron Patio Urns

With the advent of spring comes the urge to plan a beautiful garden. Many homeowners do not have a lot of yard space; so they utilize their porches and patios for their flowers and other plants. Flowers, ornamental trees, and shrubs are one of the best ways to add natural curb appeal to any home.

A unique way to display plants is in cast iron patio urns. These stunning favorites are hand-forged in the classic Old World shapes. The colors of any type of plant pop against the gentle curves of the black cast iron. They are also chic even without plants. Iron urns are eye-catching in pairs or in random groupings along a patio or porch. Although they are made of iron, they are still light enough to be moved around to different locations.

Another great feature of cast iron patio urns is their durability. They are forged of heavy iron and are not likely to tip over and spoil your plants. This is especially beneficial for patios that get a lot of cross breezes. Unlike plastic and other composition urns, the iron ones will last for years without cracking or falling apart. For those who would prefer a different color than black, these urns are easily painted with special metal paint. They come in various sizes as well.

There may be some people who worry about cast iron rusting, since the plants it contains have to be watered. With proper maintenance, these urns will stay beautiful for years. There are special liners people can get that protect the planter urns from extra moisture. It is also recommended for homeowners to spray a protective sealant on their urns that is resistant to rust. A yearly coating keeps them looking fresh.

Urns are ideal for many types of flower arrangements. Some gardeners love to plant ivy, small shrubs, or ornamental grasses in them for a dramatic Grecian effect. The urns can also complement a primitive design with colorful annuals growing in them. Cast iron urns are perennial favorites for the patio or any other place homeowners want to add a touch of style and interest.


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