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Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Style and Durability of a Garden Iron Trellis Suits Any Garden

A trellis is a necessary garden feature for anyone who wants to grow climbing plants like ivy, vines and climbing roses. Trellises allow these plants to climb and flourish as they grow while adding a beautiful decorative element to the garden. There are several types of trellises available, such as wooden lattice, bamboo and metal. However, the only type that stands the test of time is the garden iron trellis. Iron is a very durable material which looks nice for decades and requires minimal upkeep.

Iron trellises are available in a variety of designs. When choosing a garden iron trellis, it is important to consider both the size and style of the garden it will be placed in. Single panel trellises, such as a wrought iron steeple or rounded spear trellis, are best suited for small gardens. Choosing a tall, narrow trellis for a small garden maximizes room for plants to grow without taking up too much space. Large gardens can take advantage of wider trellises like double hoops and extra wide hoop and arrow designs. Tri-panel decorative screen trellises also work well in large spaces and provide ample shade when they are covered with plants in full bloom.

Novelty designs and bright colors are great choices for trellises in a children's garden, while a trellis with a rooster on it complements a farmhouse garden. A garden located in the front of a house is the perfect opportunity to put up a welcome sign trellis. Traditional gardens are best suited by graceful styles, such as a wrought iron square, fluer de lis or Jacob trellis. Edging fence trellises are a functional and beautiful solution that suits almost any garden. They can be used to separate a garden from adjacent property, distinguish different areas of a garden or simply to showcase climbing plants in an out-of-the-way location.

When a garden has more than one trellis, it is not necessary for them to match. Combing contrasting styles, such as placing a modern-looking trellis between two traditional trellises, creates a unique and memorable look.


At June 28, 2023 at 1:09 AM , Blogger greglynn said...

My garden has also used this fence for 3 years now and it is very durable. rooftop snipers


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