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Monday, June 27, 2016

Wrought Iron Garden Art

Typically, gardens are a place to relax the senses. Meandering paths, tinkling water over stones, and benches strategically positioned in quiet out-of-the-way spots provide a way to take a deep breath and let life's troubles go. Different shrubs, flowers, and plants will all add depth and variety to a beautiful garden. Wrought iron garden art will also add visual appeal.

For some people, a bird feeder or wrought iron swings with delicate scroll patterns are delightful, dual-purpose artwork. Others enjoy seeing detailed wrought iron art hung on a garden wall, pulling the eyes to an otherwise bland spot. Then there are those who enjoy the whimsy of iron flowers, spheres, and even animals. Just about anything can be made of wrought iron in the hands of a master.

Choosing what to place in a garden is a matter of personal taste. Choosing the art for the garden is pure enjoyment. Surround the private sanctuary with roses. Add trellises, wrought iron benches and bird baths. Now it's an old English rose garden. Place iron alligators near the bubbling creek. Place flowering vines along the walls. Put a small wooden bridge over the river. Now the garden is a quiet Everglades oasis, even in the city. For another option, place iron sculptures like spheres, gazing balls, and spiny cattails for an entirely modern garden of metal, without any real plants.

Using candles placed in wrought iron lanterns will add a romantic ambiance along dark paths. Place moon and sun iron artwork along the garden wall. Contemporary stars put on tree limbs will twinkle with solar power, adding the perfect touch for a moonlight stroll with a lover.

The choices for a garden are based on personal tastes and garden design. With a little imagination, wrought iron garden art can bring life and theme to a garden.


At January 30, 2024 at 4:46 AM , Blogger David01 said...

The wrought iron creations became a symbol of creativity meeting meticulous standards, turning gardens into galleries of enduring beauty. And so, the story of wrought iron garden art continued, weaving together craftsmanship and adhics standards into a tapestry that celebrated art, nature, and the essence of a charming town.


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