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Saturday, February 8, 2014

Inexpensive, Rustic, Metal Yard Decor

The changing seasons are nice, but if you want to have some things in your yard that bloom all year long and attract wildlife, then consider metal flowers and bird feeders. The rich paints used for these items really give them a lifelike look. They are built on a stake, so all you have to do is push the stake into the ground, and your yard decor is installed.

The blooming, yellow sunflowers are 67 inches tall. Each  recycled metal sunflower is sold individually.

The bird feeders are really elegant, and they are almost certain to entice any nearby birds to perch on them and eat, delighting you the whole while. There are bird feeders with bowls to place the bird food in, and the birds can easily perch on the bowls' edges. These feeders are 41 inches tall. Here, you can choose from pearl white or emerald green feeders. The green feeder has a dainty ball balanced on the very top of it, and the white feeder has a nice little decoration at the top too. With these feeders, you can be sure that there are many places for birds to land.

There is also the bird feeder that looks like a delicate green flower but also serves the purpose of being a bird feeder too. This one is a bit taller than the previous feeders at 44 inches tall.

Last but not least are the watering can bird feeders standing at 43 inches. As they are so pretty and delicate looking, you could choose to arrange a few of these alongside some of the sunflowers to create a life like bouquet of sorts.

The items described above are all quite affordable, and for about $100, you could create a nice little area in your front or back yard that serves as your year round garden, no matter what the weather is like. The flowers can also be used to build a sort of fence. It won't function quite like a real one, but it will look pretty, and it may help to work as a barrier of sorts. Beauty is yours, and so is the neighbors envy!


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